National Rosé Day

One of my favourite days is just around the corner and today, I want to celebrate early. What day am I talking about? Well, national Rosé Day of course! haha Rosé is my unofficial official drink of summer. And I'm not talking about white zinfandel - I'm talking about the real deal Rosé. Call me basic but I love a good Rosé. It's refreshing, it's pink and let's be honest, it's wine so of course I love that the second Saturday of every June is dedicated to one of my favourite drinks. It gives me the perfect excuse to pop open a bottle or two ;)

rose wine pairing
national rosé day

I was thrilled to try Sandhill wine's own Rosé (by now you should all know Sandhill is my go-to wine. Check out this sangria and these posts here and here for the evidence). The Sandhill 2016 Rosé is a little bit fruity, slightly dry and not too sweet which is the perfect combination if you ask me. According to Sandhill this wine pairs well with antipasto so naturally, I had to put together a delicious antipasto board to enjoy with my first glass of rosé of the season. 

national rose day
rosé wine pairings
national rosé day

What's on my board?

For the perfect antipasto board I like to have two kinds of crackers and two kinds of cheese. A few pickled beets, olives and spicy pickled beans for a bit of kick.

Then comes the marinated artichoke hearts (yum!), mixed nuts and fresh fruits.

Finish with a few kinds of meat (I have two kinds of salami and some proscuitto on here) and you have put together the perfect antipasto board to go with your summer rosé!

I love to buy most of my antipasto items from SPUD. They have such a great selection of different crackers, cheeses, meats and accompanying foods that it's so fun to put together a fresh and unique board with tasty items! If you haven't tried SPUD yet, use referral code CREDM-TIDDIA for $20 in FREE groceries!

what goes on an antipasto board
rose food pairing
what goes on an antipasto platter
national rosé day
antipasto board to pair with rose wine
rosé wine pairings

Cheers everyone! And don't forget to celebrate national rosé day this saturday June 10 - I know I'll be celebrating! ;)

I want to send a huge thank you to Sandhill wines for sending over the rosé for this post! Sandhill has become one of my favourite wines and I highly suggest giving them a try if you haven't already. Or if you're a real wine lover like me, check out their wine of the month club! (And yes, I am a member! haha)

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