Beauty Faves for February

As a self professed beauty junkie, I love getting to try new products and while summer may be my favourite season weather wise, it's the cooler months that I love for makeup and beauty.  Plus, with Valentine's Day two weeks away - that's a perfect opportunity to try out a few new products in a couple of new colors and shades. In the winter I feel like it's easy to allow your skincare and beauty routine to become a bit blah - it's cold out, your skin gets dry, you lose your tan and as such it can be a bit harder to feel inspired to get all dolled up so trust me, I get that. However, I find in the winter because I feel a bit more pale or just "meh" - I try to branch out of my comfort zone and try new colors and products to add some excitement to what can be long and dreary winter days. There are a few products I've been using on the regular over the past few weeks/months so today I thought I'd share my favourites with you.  

best winter lipstick colors

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winter beauty favorites

Lipsticks: You guys I am OBSESSED with Marcelle's Karine Vanasse collection. I've been wearing Rosy Nude, Buff Nude and Vivid Plum non-stop. Rosy Nude is a great every day pink with the perfect amount of color to add a pop to your look but subtle enough that it's a great 'everyday' color. Buff Nude is a muted color that to me is a very Kylie lip color. Perfect when paired with neutral shades for a glamorous look, I love this color because it's super easy to wear and would work well on many skin tones. Lastly, for a bit more of a punch of color, the berry hued Vivid Plum has been a fave of mine for ladies nights out! 

Blush: I love a good compact multi use product that's easy to use and supports a good cause. By now you should all know of my love for Thrive Causemetics and when they released their Triple Threat Color Stick I was immediately impressed. A cream blush that also works as a lip color too, this compact blush is great to stick in your purse or to carry around without worry that if you drop it, the powder will shatter (ugh isn't that the worst?!). Plus it comes with a brush to blend one the opposite end so you don't even need a brush blush for this one! 

zoya nail polish

Eyeshadow Palette: I've been in love with this Eye & Brow palette from Annabelle from the day I got it. I love that the colors are perfect for the cooler months in gorgeous pinks, purples, and smokey greens and blues. I find the colors to be the perfect opacity - a light layer adds just a touch of shimmer or color but a few strokes can add some serious drama to your look. I'm admittedly not a huge wearer of eyeshadow - it's usually reserved for nights out or the weekend when I'm out and about but this palette has converted me to a daily user. 

Nail Polish: The Naturel 3 collection from Zoya has been by far my favourite yet! The palette is very on trend for the season with soft nudes and pinks and muted purples and browns in rich shades - super luxe, super on trend and as always with zoya, environmentally responsible too. 

Body Oil: I've said it before and I'll say it again, incorporating oils into my beauty routine has changed the way I look at skincare. I adore Sahajan (read why here) so obviously, their moisturizing and luxurious body oil has been on repeat for me these cool dry winter months!

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