Park Picks 02.01.19

Hellooo February! Where did the last month go?! For me, January seemed to fly by with the year starting off with a bang but when I shared those thoughts yesterday on my IG stories I was sent a lot of these memes:

january longest month ever meme
january longest month ever meme

And a few along these lines too! lol

The responses were split 50/50 between people who said that January seemed to last forever and others who were in my camp, feeling like the month flew by way too fast. So if January dragged for you, here’s hoping for a better February and for those of us wiped from the first month of the year, I’m wishing for a slightly slower February.

Last year I dubbed February the month of self care so today’s Park Picks are all chosen with that in mind….

Take a Break: Listen to Imagined Life

I’ve made no secret of sharing my love for podcasts and I listen to them all the time! I listen while I drive, cook, work and usually turn on a podcast to listen to when I walk (gotta get in my 10,000 steps! lol). For me, it’s a form of self care - turning off social media, not responding to texts, just escaping in a podcast much like I would with a good book. The show I’ve been loving lately is another by Wondery called Imagined Life, where you’re told the narrative of an individual (who is globally famous or well known) but you’re told their story without knowing who they are. As the podcast continues and more information is revealed you might be able to guess who they are but usually I haven’t been able to figure it out until close to the end - when they finally reveal the person behind the story. The first episode I listened to was The Perfectionist and I think would be a great first episode to listen to!

imagined life podcast, best podcasts

Treat Yo Self: Light Up A Pretty Candle

I LOVE to take bubble baths and often when I do I light a candle, listen to a podcast and try to unwind. A candle isn’t going to change your life and certainly isn’t the be all end all for forms of self care but sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself to something pretty just because! I think these candles are adorable and they’re officially on my wish list so I thought you might feel the same way too!

decorative candles

Take Care of Yourself: 10 Day Green Smoothie Detox

I spoke a bit about this on my IG stories earlier this week but my friend Christal has created an incredible 10 Day Green Smoothie Detox program. I learned last year the importance of paying way more attention to what I put into my body and taking care of my physical health. I learned that by ignoring by health and not exercising and eating well that I was really doing a disservice to myself. That’s why I’m really excited to start Christal’s program next week! The smoothie detox can be done any time but I’m starting on Monday and if you felt like joining along, the early bird pricing is still in effect! Head to Christal’s page for all of the details but this is a detox I can really get behind. All you have to do is have one smoothie a day! No fasting, no dieting, no crazy rules to follow - it’s so simple!

green smoothie detox program

Something Sweet: Sip on This & Give Back

One way that James and I made an effort to take time to slow down together last year was to start going on (almost) weekly coffee dates. We’d visit different cafes and enjoy a phone free morning together and I loved our Saturday morning/early afternoon coffee dates. We’ve admittedly not gone on one so far this year (yikes!) but we’re hoping to get back into that routine again this month and when I saw this post on Kanu Restaurant’s feed (I’ve been wanting to go there anyways!) I knew that it had to be our first stop. It’s pretty, pink, sounds delicious and helps to give back to the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

pink latte edmonton