Park Picks 02.08.19

Well it’s officially an arctic tundra here and while it’s been going on for over a week now I am definitely not used to it. I feel like all anyone is doing is complaining about the weather and while complaining is not usually my style even I can’t stop myself from bitching about the cold - lol!

So while I can’t just jet off to a tropical destination to escape the cold I’m trying to think warm thoughts. Stay warm everyone and here are my picks of the week!

IKEA Sell Back Program

IKEA Sell Back Program

This. Is. GENIUS! So IKEA recently launched a program where they’ll buy back your gently used assembled furniture and offer you a store credit. Um HELLO! So obviously you only get a percentage of what you paid and you do have to be an IKEA Family member and submit images of your piece to find out what you get but I LOVE this! (Can you tell by how many caps I’m using?!) lol. I personally buy shit from IKEA all the time and have had so many pieces of furniture in the past that were still in great condition but that I just didn’t need anymore. Now you can get a bit of $ back in the form of store credit and reduce waste all around as IKEA will sell these pieces in their As-Is section. I for one am all for this!

Good Food

good food meal service

For New Year’s James and I went away to the mountains and had an amazing time relaxing at the JPL. There was lots of drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace, lots of short walks outside (it was V cold) and there was A LOT of stuffing our faces with lots of delicious but not so good for you food. Over November & December things got a little out of control food wise (as they tend to do) so by the time the new year came around I was ready for a bit of a change. During the busy Nov & Dec months we basically lived off of Skip the Dishes which was convenient and delicious but definitely not idea for our wallets or our waistlines. So, a goal that I set for this year was to cook more. But for someone who finds cooking to be annoying and time consuming I knew I’d need a bit of help in that department. It’s not that I hate cooking but I just don’t enjoy it and find it to be too much work - ya know?!

Last year we tried another meal service and while it was okay we weren’t blown away but I decided to give Good Food a try (note: this is not sponsored) and James and I have been ordering Good Food ever since! I have to say I love the recipes, I find the meals to be super delicious and for the most part, quick and easy to make. I like that we get to choose from a variety of recipes and try out meals we’d never make otherwise! If you’re considering giving a meal service a try I highly recommend Good Food! Now, we only order in or eat out once a week instead of the 3-4+ times we were doing before! (YIKES! Sad, but true)

Spaghetti Squash Hack

As I write this I am currently a wee bit hungry which might explain the two back to back food related picks but this post BLEW MY DAMN MIND!? Do you all know about this already, like am I the last one to learn about this? Or, is this life changing for you too? I love spaghetti squash but find cutting them in half lengthwise a bit tough so this tip for me was a revelation! Head here to read the full post.

best way to cook spaghetti squash

Handmade Pink Soap DIY

By now you should all know of my love for all things pink so when Handmade Farmhouse’s pink soap DIY came up on my IG feed I was all heart eyes! This is the sweetest, prettiest DIY that would make such a cute little gift or just for your own home! Head here for the full how to!

homemade pink soap DIY
homemade pink soap DIY