Prosecco 3 Ways

TGIF babes! This week has been a whirlwind so naturally, I'm dreaming of Prosecco ;)

Prosecco is pretty much the dream drink - have it in the morning as a mimosa, mix it with gin, vodka or other liqueurs for a cocktail or sip on it's own; however you serve it, it's always a delight. Over at Shop The Skinny, we thought we'd share 3 ways to serve up your prosecco and I'm drooling thinking of these tasty drinks (I tried them all in the name of work research of course (!) and they were ALL amazing). Which of these sounds the best to you?

Photo Details - (DRINK DEETS BELOW): Dress - Shop The Skinny // Sip Stirrers - Shop The Skinny //  Hair and Makeup - Blush Artistry // Photos: Karly Ford // Location: Sarasota Homes

pineapple prosecco mimosa

Pineapple Mint Mimosa

Yes this is as incredible as it sounds. Think, chunks of pineapple, a few sprigs of mint, pineapple and orange juice and of course prosecco! Buh bye basic mimosas! Get the full how to HERE!

*Juices, pineapple and mint from SPUD

mint and pineapple prosecco cocktail
pineapple prosecco mimosa
pineapple prosecco mimosa
pineapple prosecco mimosa

Cucumber Gin Prosecco Fizz

I think of the tree, this one was my favourite. We used Edmonton's own Hansen Distillery gin and paired it with mint, cucumber, elderflower and of course, Prosecco to create the most mouth watering cocktail! Get the full list of ingredients and instructions HERE!

Gin - Hansen Distillery, Cucumber + Mint - SPUD

prosecco gin cocktail
gin prosecco cocktail
cucumber prosecco cocktail
cucumber gin fizz

Grown Up Prosecco Float

Remember when you were a kid and you'd have an ice cream float? I used to LOVE making floats with vanilla ice cream and root beer. Well, think of that but with Prosecco instead! Pick your fave sorbet and top with the good stuff, it might sound a bit strange but I promise it's so good! (Probably stick with the fruity sorbet for this one). Head HERE for the full details on this sweet sip!

Sorbet - SPUD

prosecco sorbet float
prosecco sorbet float
prosecco sorbet float
prosecco cocktails