The Most Magical Spot

A few weeks ago Tracey and I went to Radium and when we first drove through this area by the hot springs I mentioned that every year I drive through Radium to Fairmont and pass through this spot I always wish that I could stop and take photos here. This spot is STUNNING, the photos hardly do it justice. So when Tracey and I were driving back through this spot one afternoon after a day of exploring and it was a bit quieter than normal, we decided to stop and snap a few photos.

We may have had to dodge a car or two (only partially kidding) but I think the photos are worth it - even if I wasn’t wearing makeup and I had to throw my unwashed hair into a clip! lol What I am loving though is this sweater that I included in my previous Park Picks. The coziest sweater is the ultimate fall must have, right?

Anyways, we were able to snap a few pretty great photos and I thought they were worth the share! No fancy outfit post, nothing particularly insightful to share, just another little peek at one of my favourite spots!

Happy Monday everyone!

radium hot springs, british columbia
radium british columbia, fall cardigan
fall cardigan, radium british columbia
radium british columbia, fall cardigan
radium british columbia, fall cardigan