Sahajan Skincare

Can we take a minute to talk about skincare? Is it just me or when the seasons change does anyone else’s skin have a minor freakout? lol I feel like as I get older my skin has changed quite dramatically. I’ve always had fairly oily skin and been prone to breakouts but over the past few years I’m moving towards the super fun (read: very sarcastic here) ‘combination skin’ that’s been a bit of a tricky situation to handle. A few years ago I discovered Sahajan (read more here) and fell in love. Since then I’ve religiously used their hair and body oil and fell madly in love with their serum as well. When they introduced a new oil cleanser it came at the perfect time. The dry winter was taking its toll and my skin was becoming more sensitive, dry and oily all at the same time (like wtf?!) and this cleanser was the answer to my prayers!

Gentle but effective, I’ve been using this oil cleanser for months and am in love. My skin is less dry and my sensitive areas have gone down big time. I say this every time I share a beauty post but I’ll say it again - I don’t post about beauty very often but when I do, it’s for a good reason. I can’t say enough good things about all Sahajan products so if you’re in the market for a better skincare brand - check them out, I promise you won’t regret it!

What’s your skin care must have? Let me know in the comments below!

sahajan skincare, ayurvedic beauty
ayurvedic beauty, sahajan skincare
sahajan beauty, ayurvedic beauty