Somebody Pinch Me! (Oh, & Some Swoon Worthy Decor Too)

Just earlier this week I talked about how cool it has been to be featured on some of my favourite sites and well friends, it's happened again! Refinery 29 is my go to for cool girl tips for beauty, style, interior design and overall lifestyle inspiration. When they reached out to ask if I'd be interested in sharing how I'd spend $100 at Target I had no clue I'd be seen amongst my favourite decor bloggers whose blogs I stalk on the regular. This is definitely a very cool moment for me! So, head on over to see what myself and some of my favourite bloggers would pick up on a trip to Target with $100. And, while we're giving Target some love (and shedding a tear for us in Canada who have to pay shipping and duties and have more limited options), I thought I'd share some more of my Target faves because let's be honest - I could spend $100 10 times over at Target easily! *swoon*

204 Park