Stranger Things Eleven Halloween Costume

Eleven From Stranger Things

Halloween is just around the corner and as such I'm on the final days of sharing my badass female inspired halloween costumes. Today I want to share how to get the look of Eleven from Netflix's breakout series, Stranger Things. 

So, what makes Eleven a badass?

She's got psychic powers and major out of this world abilities. She escapes the laboratory that's basically holding her hostage and finds a group who she tries to help with her knowledge. Aside from her powers, her bravery is to be admired and this is what makes her a badass female I think we could all try to emulate this Halloween. 

To DIY this costume, you'll need a pink collared dress, a blue jacket, some knee socks and white converse kicks. To really get into character (and if you don't want to shave your head lol) grab a blonde wig, throw on a black watch and carry around a box of eggos. 

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Eleven Halloween Costume