Summer Living

Well, summer is here and we are in the full swing of it! Usually I like to make a few seasonal decor changes so that inside my home, I feel just as summer-y as I do outside. Here are some of the things I do to bring that feeling of the outdoors in, and enjoy summer for the short few months we have it here in alberta!

1. "Pretty Up" Your Entrance

Summer is all about color, and light and feeling bright and fresh so in the warm months I try to make my entrance feel the same. Add a pop of color in a brighter front entry rug or add a plant or some flowers to your entry table. Just a small change is all you need to spruce up the entrance.

2. Find Hidden Storage

A tidy home is a beautiful looking home and the last thing you want is clutter everywhere. So, short of hiring a professional cleaning service, why not try to keep clutter at bay with a summer-y basket. Woven baskets are huge in decor right now and have that relaxed vibe to them that works so well in the summer months. By keeping your home tidy and clutter free, your decorative accents will really stand out and shine.

3. Let The Light In

Nothing really says summer quite like bright light. I love the long days and love to open the curtains and let the natural light into my home to brighten up my space. Granted, in doing so you'll be letting heat in too so morning is a great time to do so before you let the warm afternoon heat in. James and I are currently in the process of getting quotes on air conditioning because our condo had it and now our home feels so hot! I'm hoping we can get it this year so I can enjoy the light without sweating like I'm in a hot yoga studio to enjoy it ;)

4. Tidy Up Your Garden

In the summer chances are you'll want to spend lots of time outside. Nothing kills the vibe of an enjoyable evening on your back deck like overgrown grass full of weeds and dying flowers everywhere. It doesn't have to take much to take care of the garden and make sure you're summer ready. 

5. Set Up An Outdoor Dining Area

Enjoying a meal outside in the summer is one of my favourite things to do! Set up a little area with a small table, chairs, a few candles and cushions to create the perfect dining space for you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors. 


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