TECH for the Holidays with TELUS

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a gift guide for the whole family with TELUS that’s filled with all of the best tech gifts for anyone on your list! Now usually when I think of anything ‘tech’, my first thoughts go to how I’m not the most tech savvy person but, what’s great about this guide today is that these gifts are ideal for any tech novice OR full blown techie expert. I also love that these gifts range in price from affordable to splurge worthy, proving that there are tech gifts out there that are TOTALY affordable! I’m all for finding great gifts that won’t break the bank so I promise I’ve got lots of those for you today!

holiday gift guide

By now you’re probably all are aware that I’ve partnered with TELUS this year and I’m thrilled to be in a partnership with a company that I already have been a customer of for years! I will say that while I have long been a fan and customer of TELUS, I did not know that you can buy smaller electronics and gifts through TELUS online or in store! Did you know that?!

This year TELUS has put together the ultimate gift guide with guides for gifts under $50, gifts under $100, tech toys for kids, gifts for the music lovers, best gifts for a smart home and gifts for the tech enthusiast. Today, I thought I’d share the roundup of my favourite items so take a peek and let me know - are any of these on your holiday wish list?!

tech holiday gift guide
tech holiday gift guide
  1. Gear IconX Earbuds

    Let me start by saying that I LOVE these earbuds! I have a set for myself that I wear for working out and they’re fabulous! I like them because they’re super compact and come with a sleek charging case that’s perfect for throwing into my purse and taking on the go.

best wireless ear buds

2. Google Home

  1. By now we should all know the wonders of the Google Home… Ask Google to play your favourite music, tell you the weather, let you know what’s in your calendar for the day and more! We’re definitely headed into the world of Smart Home tech controlling everything from your electronics, appliances, lights and more and the Google Home is the perfect introduction to Smart Home Technology.

    3. Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad

    Why oh why didn’t I get a wireless charging pad sooner?! James and I are ALWAYS scrambling for tech chargers in our home - they’re like socks in the dryer, always getting lost! haha SO, the idea of a wireless charging pad that stays in one spot and works with all of our Qi enabled tech is basically a dream. Talk about convenient! Plus, it’s an affordable gift too. Perfect for the tech obsessed person on your list!

best wireless phone charger

4. Rose Gold Apple Watch Band

This Rose Gold Apple Watch Band is the perfect stylish accessory for the fabulous Apple Watch wearer on your shopping list! You all know I love Rose Gold so this just had to make my list!

5. Popsockets

  1. It’s amazing how a simple, small piece of plastic can COMPLETELY change your life in the best way possible! Okay, so it might sound like I’m exaggerating a bit but let me tell you - if you don’t have a Popsocket on your phone you need to get one ASAP. These would make the perfect affordable stocking stuffer plus they come in a ton of different colors and styles. They’re a total game changer for your phone - trust me!

holiday stocking stuffers

6. BuddyPhones

  1. BuddyPhones are adorable kid friendly headphones. They keep the volume at a child safe level, come in bright, bold colors and a pack of stickers to customize the look! They’re fun, affordable AND they’re built out of durable materials to last the dropping, twisting and stretching that inevitably happens with kids. Yes to that!

    7. Kano Coding Kit

    Okay so kids tech toys are SO cool these days! Take the magic of Harry Potter and apply it to the world of coding and you have pretty much the coolest coding learning kit ever! There’s even a wand!!

    8. WONDERBOOM Speaker

    I think a wireless speaker is always a great gift idea! We use our wireless speaker all the time, moving it around the house with us as needed plus, it’s great to take with you on the go for outdoor days at the park or the lake or even just on the back deck! So versatile and the WONDERBOOM Speaker won’t break the bank either!

    9. iHome iSP6 SmartPlug

    Okay, so how cool is this gift…. the iHome iSP6 SmartPlug connects with your smart phone so that you can control any electronic device plugged into it through your phone! You can control each plug in together or, create groupings of plugs to operate all at once. Whether you’re on vacation and need to turn on a light or, you’re in the other room and forgot to turn off your curling wand - the Smart Plug makes a fabulous stocking stuffer or gift for just about anyone on your list!

    10. Instax Mini 9

    The Instax Mini is a fabulous gift! Adorable and convenient, they make capturing memories easy and fun. If you don’t have one of these cameras, they’re a great alternative to taking photos on your phone - there’s just something about getting a printed photo that makes capturing those memories a little more special, don’t you think?

    11. Nest Thermostat

    I love the look of the Nest Thermostats - they’re sleek and modern so the interior designer side of me LOVES them as a great gift idea too! Not only does the NEST look great but they also give smart insights into your power usage and history plus, you can control them from your phone when you’re not home too!

    12. Fitbit Versa

    Okay so I LOVE my Fitbit and the Versa pretty much takes the Fitbit and melds it with a smart watch to create to give you the best of both worlds. The Fitbit Versa not only tracks your fitness but it gives you in depth insights into your sleep, allows you to read your text messages, play your music when working out and more! I’ve been loving mine and can’t wait to order some different wrist straps to change up my look each day!

fitbit versa

13. Google Chromecast

  1. The Google Chromecast is an amazing affordable gift idea for anyone on your list who loves to stay indoors and keep cozy by the tv in the cold winter months. Just plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and you can instantly stream anything easily from your phone or tablet to your television. So cool, right?! This would make an awesome stocking stuffer, don’t you think?!

    14. VR 360 Goggles

    Another tech toy for any little ones on your list, the VR 360 Goggles are affordable, adjustable and come with hundreds of curated virtual reality experiences. The future is now, friends!!

    15. T210 In-Ear Headphones

    Last up on my holiday tech list are these stylish earphones. I am obsessed with the white and rose gold and think that these affordable headphones would make a perfect little gift! Don’t you agree?

holiday gift guide