Tech Talk: TELUS Boost Wi-Fi

Let me ask you a quick question - how many devices are in your home that require the internet? How many of them are typically operating at once? In my own home where only two adults live we have three smart TVs, two iPads, two smart phones and two laptops just as a start. At any given time it’s very possible that at least one tv, one ipad, both phones and both laptops are using the internet all at once. That’s a lot of devices running in the evenings and on the weekend when James and I are home. That’s not taking into consideration the daytimes, when very often Kristina is over as we work away on Kresswell Interiors and we have both of our laptops and phones going at the same time. Basically - I’m using a lot of tech a lot of the time and it all needs the internet.

So where am I going with this? Well, I feel like I’m not alone when it comes to the amount of tech being used at most times that requires the internet. No matter how fast your internet (and ours is amazing!), when you’re running that many devices there’s bound to be a strain on your service.

SO - when I saw TELUS’ Boost Wi-Fi devices I was instantly intrigued…..

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The TELUS Boost Wi-Fi system was SO EASY (like actually, I did it myself and I’m not usually good with this stuff) to get going and it’s been so great to have in our home. Even with a great internet connection there are factors that can affect your wireless connection such as the number of devices you have (*cough, cough, that’s me! lol), the size of and number of floors in your home, the building materials your home is made of (yup, really!), and the other kinds of devices you have operating in your home as well.

With the TELUS Boost Wi-Fi system, you get two (or more) Boost units. The first one gets placed next to your wireless router and the others, are placed in the areas you want a bit of a boost. The Boost units then connect and create a stronger, wider smart wifi net throughout your home so that your signal is stronger and faster. It’s pretty great!

We’ve had ours running in our home for over a month now and I didn’t tell James at first that I set them up and he actually noticed that our devices were working faster!

With the holidays around the corner (too soon??), and lots of friends and family coming over and using all of the wifi now’s the perfect time to get your home ready with TELUS Boost Wi-Fi!

I think that it’s actually the coolest system plus, the interior designer in me also really appreciates that they’re not big, bulky, ugly units. They’re super sleek and modern and actually blend right in with my decor which is always a bonus in my books!

If you want to learn more about TELUS Boost Wi-Fi - head here for all the info!

Now tell me - how many devices do you usually have going in your home at once?

TELUS boost
TELUS boost
TELUS boost
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