Telus TV - Where Have You Been All My Life?!

So if there’s one thing that the snowfall the other week got me thinking, it’s that I am actually very ready for a slow and cozy fall! This summer has been very go-go-go and despite my continuous attempts to ‘slow down’, this summer was a jam packed one and frankly, I’m pooped! haha

While the summer for us is all about getting outdoors and going for walks and trips to the mountains the fall is when I go a bit into hibernation mode and truthfully - I love it! We long ago set up our basement and a cozy and comfy hang out zone, perfect for cuddling and watching movies and relaxing with Herman too! (obviously! haha)

telus tv

Now for the past few years we haven’t had any cable, we’ve been a Netflix only household however, when I partnered with TELUS earlier this year and was able to try Optik TV I was excited to have more options at my disposal again!

Oh how I have missed my real housewives (who else LOVES the drama of those shows?!) and having more choices for shows and movies. James and I are already obsessing over The Sinner and with so many On Demand movies and tv channels right at our fingertips, we are SO ready for lazy evenings and weekends indoors! haha (I kid, I kid - sort of!) Plus I mean obviously you know I am ALL OVER HGTV - oh how I have missed my HGTV! lol

telus tv
telus tv

What I love especially with TELUS’ Optik TV, is the free On Demand services included with every package. That means you can catch the shows you didn’t get to watch or record when you want! Plus you also get to sample premieres of new series too.

TELUS’ Optik TV services include the most HD Channels, 4K On Demand, direct access to Netflix and You Tube, and a TV app with most channels available on the go (how cool is this?!), the largest On Demand library (going to be very handy over these cold fall and winter months!) and more!

Soooo basically this post is me telling you that I plan to spend a lot of time indoors over these coming months catching up on all of the shows and channels I’ve been missing out on these past few years! haha

But in all seriousness, let me know some of your favourite shows and channels in the comments below - I have lots of PVR’ing to do! haha

telus tv
cozy modern basement