Spread The Love

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Well it's Valentine's Day - a day of love and romance and today I want to talk about love. There's no denying it's been quite a year already and we're only a few months into it. There's been a lot of unrest on a global and political scale and there have been times where I've felt like I have been unsure whether or not to speak up on my blog or public social profiles about it.  I'm pretty vocal and opinionated in my private life but from day one, have made a deliberate choice to make this blog a bit of an escape from the real world. My little happy corner of the internet. 

I mentioned in this Instagram photo that I was struggling a bit with feeling overwhelmed every time I hopped on social media. There are so many extreme opinions out there and while the internet is great for sharing information and globalizing our world it also makes it very easy for people to sit anonymously behind their keyboards and attack others. 

Today, on Valentine's Day and every day- my focus will be on love. My words for 2017 were compassion, understanding and kindness. Those words are how I'm going to try to live this year. We can be so quick to judge but if we all took a step back and tried to understand where others were coming from or might be going through, I bet our reactions would be very different. If we all acted from a place of love, think of how different our world would be. 

So today - spread a little love. Buy the person behind you in the drive through a coffee. Smile at a stranger. Hold a door open for someone. Let someone ahead of you at the grocery store who only has one item. Acting from a place of love isn't hard. In fact, it's these small day to day acts that have great impact. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not always perfect. There are times I don't let someone in as I'm driving home through rush hour traffic. Or instances where there was a missed opportunity to do something small for someone else but I think if we all chose love - we could surprise ourselves with what would happen. 

So lead by example, speak up when you hear someone say something ignorant or unkind and try your best to act from a place of kindness, it benefits us all.  Have a love filled day everyone! 

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