Babes + Bellinis

Who else used to go for a pitcher of bellinis with their ladies for a night out? It almost makes my teeth hurt thinking of the sweet frozen syrup-y bellinis I used to guzzle in ridiculous quantities. Oh the sugar! Oh the next day headaches! Yikes.

Fast forward about ten years I've abandoned the frozen sugar rush bellini for a more grown up version but I'm still all about the girl time that goes with them. For me time with my friends is like therapy. Life gets busy and can be shitty and things happen that are outside of our control but no matter what's going on in my life I always leave time spent with my friends feeling like a million bucks. I think that good friends should be there to celebrate with you when times are good and equally, lift you up and be with you when they're not so good and after both encounters hopefully you're feeling better after your girl time than you felt before. In fact, as I've gotten older and my time is more valuable that's been a marker for me.

When I see 'x person or 'y' person do I leave feeling inspired, and excited and happy and motivated? Or do I leave feeling exhausted and drained and well frankly, kinda shitty? I've learned pretty quickly that I need to surround myself with people that fill my cup (and not just with bellinis! ha!)

So today's post is really just about taking a moment to recognize who lifts you up? Who are your people? And if you're people aren't making you feel like the goddess badass queen that you are, maybe you should find people who do make you feel that way. 

One of these ladies for me is Kira from Northern Style Exposure. Fun Fact: Kira was my very first internet friend turned friend in real life so when she suggested we get together to whip up a few cocktails, snap a few photos and enjoy a bit of girl time I had to say yes!

If you want to pretend that your frozen bellini phase of 2007 never happened and you're looking for a more grown up version of brunch's second favourite drink here's the simple how to:

Are you ready for this? It's a little complicated....

Pour peach purée into a glass

Top with prosecco

Oh snap! haha I know, so tough ;) 

Kira and I blended a few peaches from our SPUD orders (use code CREDM-TIDDIA for $25 off your first order!) and it truly was as simple as that!

What's your go-to girl's drink?

classic bellini
traditional bellini
traditional bellini
why time with your friends is so important
traditional bellini
traditional bellinis