How to Create a Cozy Bedroom Retreat

If you've been following 204 Park for awhile, chances are you've heard me talk about my girl Jennifer from Bella Casa Day Spa. She's the microblading, makeup maven, nail tech & overall aesthetics queen and is my go to for all of my beauty needs. Last time when I was getting my nails done Jen told me she had redone her bedroom with pieces from The Brick and that I needed to come check out her master bedroom revamp. Well, I was so impressed that  today I want to show off her hard work!

family friendly bedroom

I've been helping Jen with interior design for a few years now and after years of working together and passing along a few design fundamentals, Jen took those tips and pulled together a cozy family friendly room with some great pieces from The Brick! Part of what I think is so great about Jen's room is how she's managed to create a room that is a beautiful space for her and her husband to unwind at the end of the day,  but that it also stands up to the wear and tear of her busy family and shows off a few personal touches to keep the space feeling personal. 

When you have a busy life and an active family  it's important to combine form and function, comfort and style, and find a balance between having a stylish but also practical space no matter what room. What I love about Jen's room is that she found a way to balance having a stylish grown up space while still bringing in touches that show off her personality and remind her of what's most important to her. So, today I thought I'd run with that inspiration and talk about a few ways to bring some personality into your bedroom while still having a stylish and practical room. 

1. Use this space to showcase family photos

I won't lie. I've never been big proponent of family photos as decor. My mom is also an interior designer so growing up, personal photos were kept in albums or small photos were framed but only ever placed in the bedrooms. As I've grown up, I've taken on that same mentality. I actually only have one personal photo in my entire house and it's a small framed photo of my brother and I in my office. It's funny, I'm so used to not displaying personal photos that to me it's the norm but I know that for many people, it's important to have family photos in their home. The bedroom is a great place to keep a few photos of those nearest and dearest to you and Jen has done just that. Her wedding album next to her bedside and a photo of her siblings on her dresser showcases her love for her family and adds a few personal touches to the space in a way that's both beautiful and meaningful and that, I can totally get behind!


2. Create Practical & Beautiful Solutions For Your Needs 

When we spend all day looking at design magazines or Pinterest it can be hard to remember that those homes have been staged for a magazine shoot and as beautiful as they are, they don't look like that everyday. We all have busy lives and our reality doesn't always look like Pinterest. However, that being said - there's no reason that we can't find solutions for our day to day needs that aren't as stylish as they are practical. Take for example - Jen's jewelry. As great as many storage solutions are, the fact of the matter is that it truly is practical to have the items we use the most out at our fingertips. Jen has created a curated little corner with storage for some of her most worn jewelry that is both functional and stylish.  Plus, the white frame of her necklace hanger and pop of purple carnations pop beautifully against the rustic wood of the Acadia dresser from The Brick

Also, the Acadia bedroom set Jen picked out is an incredible set for storage. Not only do the two dressers provide ample storage but each bedside table has two drawers and the bed itself has drawers meaning that there is a TON of room to store books and trinkets and extra blankets and all of the clothes and more that need to be stored. Storage seems to be something that we can never get enough of so finding a bed frame with storage capacity is a huge bonus for anyone, nevermind a busy mom and business owner. If organization is a concern - always try to maximize your storage capacity by finding bedside tables with drawers and opting for two dressers if space allows. This helps out big time with getting rid of clutter and therefore creating a more beautiful, functional and relaxing space. It's a win/win/win situation if you ask me! 

3. Create A Space For Rest

In any bedroom I always try to incorporate a chair or a bench or at the very least an ottoman. These are great multifunctional pieces that come in handy in more ways than one. Practically speaking, the most obvious function is for sitting down to put on shoes or rest for a minute. As much as I'd love to say we all live  a perfectly tidy and organized life, these pieces are also great for laying your clothes out for the day ahead or throwing your clothes off after a long day. They're a natural resting place, not to mention they also add decor. The Sophie Linen Chair from The Brick is quickly becoming one of my favourite accent chairs and this denim color looks beautiful draped with a faux fur rug and blue pillow for some added texture.  

4. Get Cozy 

Another tip for creating a personal and family friendly space is to make sure that it FEELS like a family friendly space - AKA, make it cozy! By now you should know that I'm all for layering textiles to create a beautiful and cozy look. Especially in a bedroom setting, you want the space to be inviting and make you want to curl up and unwind. Adding blankets, faux fur throws, and cushions are a great way to do just that. In my opinion, you can never have enough (well, you can but - you get what I'm saying, right?) so layer away and make your room look inviting and luxurious! 

5. Get Creative For A Personal Touch

My last tip for creating a stylish and personal bedroom oasis is to think outside the box and find creative ways to add personal touches. My favourite piece in Jen's room has to be the painting that her, her husband and her son painted together. Using their wedding bands, their son's toys and other personal items as "brushes" they each contributed to creating a piece that reminds Jen of her family every time she looks at it. How adorable is that?! It also adds a great pop of color and some serious visual interest to the room.  Jen has always been very creative but when she explained this piece to me I thought it was absolute genius! In your own room, think of how you could get creative to bring in a piece or create one yourself that would make you think of your family or those closest to you. When working with design clients I always say the bedroom is the most personal room of the house so that's the room where you can really dig a bit deeper and bring more personal pieces into the space just as Jen has done with this one. 

How do you bring family friendly decor and personality into your own space? I'd love to know! 

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