Brand Spotlight: Zorah Biocosmetiques

In my never ending search for the best in non-toxic and cruelty free beauty, I recently came across Zorah Biocosmetiques. Zorah is a Canadian company that focuses on creating beauty products that are organic, environmentally friendly and fair trade. I couldn't wait to give some of these goodies a try to report back to you so without further ado, here are my favourites! Make sure to check them out at Planet Organic and read below to learn more about the products I especially love.

zorah biocosmetiques
zorah beauty


Eva Lipgloss 

I already sung the praises of the Eva Lipgloss here but as a refresher, this gloss is amazing. Mineral pigments in this gloss add a touch of shimmer and shine without being overwhelming. The gloss is creamy but not sticky and delivers the perfect amount of color in just one swipe. It's a must try for sure.

BBB Cream

This 7 in 1 BBB cream is one of my favourite additions to my makeup kit. It helps to hydrate, illuminate, unify, matte, correct, smoothen and protect - talk about a heavy hitter! I love it especially as it helps to tone redness which can be an issue for me. 

Liquid Eyeliner

This liquid liner has quickly become my favourite liner I've ever used. No joke. This liner is lightweight, stays put (aka no liner transfer onto your eyelid or flakey mid-day situation) and the applicator is a dream to work with. It's safe to say I'm obsessed. 

zorah cosmetics


Dzhari Hydrating Mist

This hydrating mist has been one of my favourite products to use this hot and humid summer. A refreshing light mist that tones and hydrates, I use this mist nightly after cleansing my face and before using Purete- which leads me to....

Purete Skin Perfector

I have oily skin which can sometimes lead to dreaded breakouts and ain't nobody got time for that! I've fallen in love with this skin perfector and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. Not only does it help repair damaged skin layers, it also calms irritated skin and soothes redness. Yes please.


zorah skincare

Lya Repair Care Hand Cream

This hand cream is perfect to pack in your purse for when you're on the go! The argan oil in this cream repairs and promotes cell renewal and is even beneficial for eczema and psoriasis. Especially living in Alberta where the air is so dry, I always need to carry hand cream and this one is great. 

zorah biocosmetiques

Hani After Sun Treatment

Tis the season to get sunburnt and if that happens - Zorah has you covered. This treatment helps to nourish, repair and replenish sun damaged skin. Packed with high quality vitamins and oils, this treatment will reduce redness and sensitivity and replenish your skin if you've spent a little too much time in the sunshine. This product has definitely come in handy a few times this summer!

zorah cosmetics