Beautiful Bedside Inspiration

As I'm working away on my decor ideas for the #204ParkHouseBuild the one room I've not really given a ton of thought to is the bedroom. I think when you have a design or decor background it can be difficult to find your own style or determine how to decorate your own place because you can appreciate so many different design styles and could envision living with them all! In the quest for some bedroom inspiration I thought I'd share a few of the different bedside styles and hopefully, this will help me narrow down my own direction. Wish me luck lol

1. High Contrast 

I love the stark contrast of black and white. It's classic and striking and as you can see here can still vary greatly in design styles and feel. We did decide to paint our walls white for now but I'm debating adding a charcoal wall in our bedroom to carry into the room our bathroom selections and add a bit of drama. James isn't a huge fan of this idea so if nothing else, maybe a dark night stand and pops of art and greenery will be the way to go?

2. Mix Metals 

Just as mixing metals is acceptable in fashion, it is absolutely acceptable in decor. Mixing metals looks sophisticated and also doesn't tire as easily in my opinion. Quite often a certain metal will be trendy for a short time but by incorporating only elements of that trend in with other pieces, you avoid having your space looking 'So 2016" in a few years ;) Mixing metals FTW!

3. Keep It Simple

I love to over accessorize and style just as much as the next design obsessed person however, a bedside table is an area of high use and needs to be functional. As much as it's lovely to have a ton of décor objects and flowers and candles and accessories out, where will your alarm sit? Your glass of water? Books? Creams and lotions and potions? Sometimes simple is better and for sake of practicality, minimalism just might prevail and this will likely be the case in my new home. 

4. Fresh and White 

Sticking with the simple is better trend I just adore these bright white spaces. While I don't think I could ever go this direction in my own home (I love to look at all white but don't think I could live in it) I just adore these fresh and airy bedsides. With keeping an all white palette, the varying textures and patterns really stand out and any accents you do include such as flowers or a metal accent really stand out! Just beautiful...

6. Add Green 

If you read the blog earlier you'll know that greenery is going to be a BIG part of my house decor. In every room I want lots of pops of natural greens to keep my house feeling fresh and bright! In my opinion adding greenery is the simplest, least expensive and most impactful way to freshen up a room in a snap!

7. Get Eclectic 

If I had to define the style direction for our house build it would be mid-century modern meets eclectic. I have no problems with finding a design style and running with it all the way but there's just something about an eclectic space that always seems to appealing to me. It comes across as effortless (even though that's usually NOT the case haha), well thought out and truly a reflection of who lives in the space.  A space decorated with gathered personal possessions from a lifetime of experiences truly is the best if you ask me. 

8. Scandinavian 

With all white walls and a minimal vibe going on we could easily and gladly go the scandinavian inspired direction with our bedroom decor. High contrast of black and white with minimal but impactful styling and quirky accents are the reason I'm always drawn to scandinavian decor. Concrete, high gloss white and unfinished wood accents in geometric shapes are fun and simple accents that would be easy to incorporate. 

9. Seriously Styled 

If you're looking for vignettes to instagram and a pretty, flirty and fun bedside look then a seriously styled bedside might be just for you. Statement lamps, fresh florals, gold foil prints and accents galore make for a gorgeous (albeit maybe not the most practical) bedside table. I love this look but I know that I likely won't be going in this direction for my own bedroom. Maybe I'll have to save all of my girly knick knacks for the guest bedroom ;)

10. Glamorous 

This last bedside table calls to the girly girl in me. In reality I know James would never go for this style and the look is more feminine than the modern and mid-century vibe we're going for but I just ADORE this look! To keep a glass bedside table from looking too cold or harsh a tufted fabric headboard adds softness and texture. Bedside accents with color and fresh flowers will go a long way to warm up the look and make it the perfect feminine bedside setup.