Going Green For Earth Day!

Over the past few years I've been working away at slowly making changes in my life to better affect the environment. Every day we vote with our dollar and with our actions and make small decisions that impact our planet in a big way. I'll never be perfect but I feel positive about the steps I'm slowly making to be kinder to our planet. With Earth Day here, this cause has been especially on my mind lately. 

One of the biggest changes I've made over the past year to show the planet some love is being smarter with the food I eat. I've made a very conscious shift in my purchasing habits with food to buy whole, fresh foods as close to locally as possible. Through shopping at SPUD and with the local farmers market I can be aware of where my food is coming from, know that it's organic and also comes from local farmers so the distance it has to travel is less than other products I might find at the supermarket. Having the knowledge of where your food is coming from is so key in being able to make better choices. Also, while James' and my condo isn't ideal for gardening, my dad grows a beautiful garden every year at his home and I help out so I get to reap the benefits also (like eating healthier food and saving money! Win/Win!)

How do you guys 'go green'? Have you made any changes recently to be kinder to the environment?

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