10 Horror Movies to Watch on Friday the 13th

Hi I'm Diana and I have a major love/hate relationship with horror films. I think I'd mostly say it's an 80% hate/20% love relationship and yet somehow, I always seem to end up watching a ton of horror movies so clearly, I must enjoy them more than I even admit to myself. James loves to watch horror movies so over the years I have seen A LOT of them and seeing it's Friday the 13th tomorrow and with Halloween right around the corner I thought today would be the perfect day to share 10 horror movies to watch this weekend! (List is in no particular order!) What are some of your favourites? Let me know, I'm sure James would love more suggestions! haha

1.  The Conjuring

This one absolutely terrified me and it was so well done. Watch with the lights on for sure.

2. The Strangers

Without a doubt the scariest and most effed up movie I've ever watched. I struggled to make it through this one (I watched most of it with my hands over my eyes) so if you love to have the $#!t scared out of you, you'll love it. 

3. Sinister 

Suspenseful and terrifying, I actually loved this movie. I thought it was really well done and it stuck with me for a while after watching it. 

4. The Babadook 

I put this one on here because it's a horror movie that's totally terrifying while you watch it then at the end, it all comes together and the story endswith a really great explanation for the happenings in the movie. 

5. IT (2017)

This was the first horror movie I saw in a movie theatre in close to ten years so you better believe I made sure we went to the VIP theatre so I could have a big glass of wine to calm my nerves while I watched! Sometimes movie remakes can be kinda meh but this one was SO good! Highly recommend it!

6. Get Out

Less of a horror movie per-say and more of a suspenseful film that takes a totally weird twist, I really enjoyed Get Out. This was another one that was just so creepy and bizarre, I also had this film on my mind for days after watching it. 

7. The Sixth Sense

I couldn't put together a list of horror films and not include The Sixth Sense! I actually watched this movie fairly young and it absolutely scared the crap out of me! The scene with Mischa Barton under the bed haunted me for a LONG time! 

8. The Descent (The UK Version)

This movie is messed up! haha If you like jumpy suspenseful horror movies then you'll love this. James made me watch it and told me that the UK/European version has a better ending than the American one (AKA - more messed up). 

9. The Shining

The Shining was one of the first horror movies I ever watched and as a classic I had to include it in this list. Even so many years later this film still holds up and totally creeps me out every time I watch it!

10. The Exorcist 

When I think of horror movies the Exorcist is always first to mind. This movie reminds me of junior high sleep overs where we'd watch terrifying movies like this one and then stay up all night talking because we were all too scared to fall asleep! haha


What scary movies are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below! 

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