My New Swedish Imports

In the world of art and design Andy Warhol is pretty much the s#%t. Because I've been in love with Warhol's work for years, one of the highlights of my first trip to New York was going to MoMA and taking in the quirky warhol pieces in person in all their glory.

So there's the background (aka the root of the obsession).

Fast forward a few years and I come across a wonderful new website - Pinterest (where would I be without Pinterest now?!).  After a few pins I notice that I've pinned about 6 rooms with the same poster so I decide that obviously, I need to have them.

Now when it comes to me and decorating, there are a few things you should know:

a) Once I want it, that's that. I will pretty much obsess until I either find a way to get it, or DIY it.

b) I tend to fall in love with either the most expensive or difficult-to-obtain pieces that are out there (true story).

In the case of the Warhol prints both applied. I obsessed over this poster, searching the deep depths of the internet, exhausting the google search engine only to find the same response over and over again....."You can only buy this print in Sweden at the Moderna Museet", "No one has the rights to recreate or re-sell this print except the Moderna Museet", "Moderna Museet WILL NOT SHIP, you must buy in person", and so on and so forth - you get the idea. Basically, to get my hands on this $10 poster, I needed to go to Sweden. And because of reason a) above - trust me, a stop in Sweden en route to my spring time trip to London was in the works.

Image 1//2//3//4

Thankfully, for both my holiday time and my wallet, a trip to Sweden was not necessary (though it's still on my travel list) because a friend travelling in Sweden was ah-mazing enough to go to the Moderna Museet, pick up these beauties for me and ship them!

Andy Warhol all is pretty prints.jpg

They may be the simplest posters, and my obsession may have been borderline crazy - OR full blown crazy - but my love for typography, quirky decor and of course Warhol, makes these posters one of the favorite additions to our home. Hope you like them too!