GTL: Contemporary

Happy Hump Day! You know what Wednesday means here at 204 Park... GTL! This week's Get The Look is a completely gorgeous living room that I spotted on Houzz and had to share with you (if you haven't heard of Houzz before, I apologize in advance for the hours you're about to spend in front of your computer. Except that I'm secretly not that sorry). It instantly caught my eye with it's charming, warm, yet refreshing and contemporary feel. To me, this is the perfect combination of stylish, fun, and most importantly... comfy. Let's talk about how to get this gorgeous look for ourselves, shall we?

We'll start with floors. Oak isn't my favourite grain of wood, but I love the rich stain and wide plank used here. The golden tone goes a long way to warm up this space and allow the use of my favourite colour (if you can call it that): grey. Which brings us to the area rug! A neutral geometric like this one always looks great and adds interest and dimension to the space without overwhelming it.


Now, it's hard to miss that statement wall. It's almost black, but not quite. A good match would be Sarah Richardson's 'Herringbone', which is in her line for Para paints. Now obviously this wall was painted for a reason (can you say 'focal point'?) , so we want to keep our eye on the prize. The rest of the walls should just fade away, so they need to be painted a white with the same undertones as the grey paint.


I just so happen to have a small love affair with the exact table that's used in this living room. This is the Origami coffee table, with inlaid white wood tiles on it's top and a cool gunmetal base. I adore this table!  I've said it before and I'll say it again- West Elm, I seriously heart you.


Another love of mine is GusModern. All I have to do is direct you to their website for you to know why. I'm not going to lie, finding a grey sectional isn't a hard thing to do. But finding one with beautiful sleek lines and tapered legs like this one is worth celebrating with champagne! Yes please!

Find a cozy grey throw like this one, put it on the couch, and put your feet up.


Marimekko is known for their patterns and prints and the 'Lumimarja' is no different. It's getting hard to find now as it's not available on the company website, but I was able to find the fabric on this site, where they'll mount it for you to create the same art that was used in this living room. I love that it's interesting and simple at the same time. Love it!

An arched floor lamp like this one is pretty easy to find - just make sure that it has a nice white shade and a silver base. You can't go wrong!


I'm not even sure where to begin with these two little numbers. I have a soft spot for tables and cabinets (it's a designer thing) because they're such great structural superstars. I love the way that they can add structure to a room and bring in their own design elements, and these two are no different. The sideboard is a gorgeous mix of white and walnut which is always a winner. Gold legs and hardware are like the icing on the cake!

Now, contrasting to the sideboard are these small black nesting tables. Their shape is simple but they're a strong accent because of their colour, which of course ties in perfectly with our black accent wall.


So there you have it! All you need to know to get the look of this gorgeous living room. Here at 204 Park we love pictures, so if you're inspired to bring this look to your own home we would looove to see it. Happy decorating!