Park Picks 11.15.13

Diana's Picks

1. Coach Burough Collection

I am LOVE-ing the new Borough collection of bags from Coach right now. The clean lines and luxe leather are sleek and sophisticated. And I'm seriously digging the classic silhouette. With it's great design and range of size and leather options, there's a Borough bag for everybody! I think the Borough is officially going on my wish list.

2. RUSK Keratin Care Shampoo & Conditioner

Being the bottle blonde that I am (and have been for 10+ years), my hair gets put through the wringer.  Highlighting, blow drying, and styling all take their toll on my wanna-be lucsious locks.  About 6 months ago I started using the Keratin Care RUSK products and I have 100% noticed a major difference in the shine and health of my hair. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a beauty boost in the hair department - especially now, in the cold, static-y months of winter (oh joy).

3. As mentioned here, I recently moved and am still putting the finishing touches on my decorating.  We've created a pseudo office space in our dining room and as I'm finalizing the accessorizing and organizing, I've been looking online for some visual inspiration.  Here's a few photos of seriously stylish small office spaces that caught my eye!

Image 1// 2//

Kali's Picks

1. Kevin Murphy Young Again

I've got to be honest, when it comes to my hair i'm about as low maintenance as they get. I mean, shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, and style every day? Ain't nobody got time for that! The only products I use consistently are coconut oil, dry shampoo, and a bit of hairspray. Until this little gift from the hair gods entered my life. I put a nickel size amount through towel dried ends for a frizz free blowout. Somehow it manages to make my hair look like I can successfully maneuver a round brush, amazing! The built in heat protection is great if I want to run the flat iron through it post-drying. Most of the time it's so smooth I don't even need to. On my off days I just put a wee bit in to juice up the ends, a bit of dry shampoo in the roots and i'm fresh as a daisy! It runs about $40 for a bottle, but I use so little I wouldn't be surprised if mine lasts a year.


2. Team Brews Brothers Espresso machine:
Are you equal parts hipster and tech buff? Is there strife between you and your SO because your 92 degree java is far superior to their 96 degrees and don't they dare change the settings on your machine? Yeah, me neither. However, when I was doing my morning Huffington Post peruse this neat-o espresso machine caught my eye. You can adjust pressure and temperature settings and save to your iphone. Yay more apps for everyone. Aesthetically, I find it pleasing; but i'm not this legit. I'll stick with my nespresso for the time being! #notthatfancy

3. Thug Notes:
My first reaction: why didn't this exist when I was in school? It's urban dictionary meets LIT 101. Cliff notes, step aside! I've always loved the story of Lord of the Flies, and if you do too, I really hope you will get as much joy from this as I did! If you're not the biggest fan, there is a plethora of other videos on thug notes.

Sarah's Picks

1. Sugar Paper, Los Angeles

I first discovered Sugar Paper LA a while back when I was looking for interesting art prints. I instantly fell in love! The 'Ampersand' print was the first that caught my eye and lead me to many more discoveries: the pink polka dot notebook, Je T'aime card, and With Love gift tag, to name just a few. Their eye-catching use of gold, black and white, and hits of pink are my favorites, but they're just a small sample of many, many gorgeous treats over at the shop! Holiday season is coming- hint, hint.



2. Scrapwood Wallpaper

It's no secret that I'm wallpaper obsessed. The trick to doing it right is to find something interesting, unique, and fun, which is exactly what I stumbled upon this week! This gorgeous wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek (available here) is available in a fantastic array of styles, one more perfect than the next. I can see this paper being used anywhere from a rustic-chic styled home to a funky coffee shop and everywhere in between. Love. This. Too. Much!

3. Alice & Olivia Klyie Bow Neck Swing Coat

I can barely string a sentence together when I look at this marvellous little gem. IT actually came to ME via email, so I think that she and I are meant to be. Ok, so I subscribe to A&O emails along with millions of others, but I still take it as a sign. The loose 'swing' of the body, tailored sleeves, and adorable bow detailing had me at hello (swoon!). While it may not be the warmest for daily wear in our sub-arctic climate (brrr...), I could still rock this little number with a cozy sweater underneath and a skip in my step.