Hair 'Do

I’ve always had a minor obsession with long, thick hair (it’s probably because I don’t really have it, but that’s beside the point). I find my Pinterest board absolutely jammed with pictures of the most gorgeous, long, (usually) wavy, and often blonde hair. And don’t judge me for pinning more blondies than anything else, because Miss Kali already has and it hasn’t changed anything. Actually, I chalk it up to familiarity (I'm blonde, I see blonde, I pin blonde), because I actually really adore luscious dark locks as well. But back to my Pinterest board- it really hadn’t occurred to me that I would ever want anything BUT the above-mentioned mane, so when I realized this, I was inspired to check out some hairstyles that break the mould a bit and are a just a tad more exciting.

I love to see women rocking funky or unique hairstyles, I just don’t necessarily want to rock them myself... Because it would take waaaay too long to grow back in to long waves, obviously. And to state the obvious- I’m a giant chicken.

 But you’re all more brave than I am. Right? So when you’re feeling like changing it up a bit, take some time to peruse these cuts and then go for it! Send us a picture while you’re at it, because the 204 Park ladies loooove a good before and after. Or even just an after! Either way, get cutting, and happy styling!!

Here are a few of my current faves:


Shoulder Length Bob

This would be my first step towards a shorter style. It's still long enough to tie back when necessary (and we all know those days), but it's fresh and cute when it's styled down with a soft wave or a bit of added texture. (Image 1, Image 2)


Pixie Cut

For a drastically different look, a chic pixie cut is always in style. Of course, so are Anne Hathaway and Audrey Tautou. I would caution against jumping in to this one, but we've already established that I'm a baby, so do as you wish. Can you say, low maintenance? (Image 1, Image 2)


Cropped, Layered Curls

Cropped curls are another fresh look that I adore. They look really chic and stylish, and are super feminine as well. Not only that, they can go from sweet to funky in a flash. We all know that Ri-Ri wouldn't go for this look if she couldn't funk it up, right?!? And one of my new faves, French-Canadian actress Karine Vanasse is the master of modern 'dos. (Image 1, Image 2)


Colour Fun

Last but not least, we dabble in a little colour! Fear not (just me? still? ) - these colours can easily come from hair chalk: a wash away, do it yourself application that requires no commitment. We all know there's only so much that a girl can handle in the name of beauty. (Image 1, Image 2)

XO! Sarah