Park Picks 11.29.13

Image - The Daily Muse Blog

Image - The Daily Muse Blog

Diana's Picks

1. THIS recipe

I subscribe to the daily muse blog and when this popped up in my inbox, I knew it was my kind of dessert.  Believe it or not, I'm not a huge chocolate person.  When it comes to my vices, I'm more of a candy girl. However- this pie has the same makings as a chocolate oatmeal cookie (my favorite kind of cookie)- just larger and obviously more gourmet (in my books anything ganache = fancy).  While I haven't made the recipe yet -stay tuned, we'll follow up on this. I'm pretty sure that there's no way this can't be amazing. Without even trying it, I've been craving it all week!

2. J. Crew Ribbon Hair Ties

Ribbon hair ties are such a pretty alternative to your basic elastics.  As someone who wears their hair up more than 50% of the time, I am always looking for ways to mix things up a bit. When I saw these at the Fashion Canada x J Crew event at WEM I didn't even think twice about grabbing this metallic pack!  They're so sweet, Kali picked up a pack too!


Image - J. Crew

Image - J. Crew

3. Asos Gloves

As the first snow fell this season I opened my drawer of winter accessories only to find that my leather gloves were missing! This is not good.  Anyone who lives in Alberta knows that gloves are a necessity.  As I've been searching for a replacement pair I came across these cuties from asos.  Not only are they less than $35 (score!) but they're made to use with your smartphone (so no freezing your fingers when you need to send a text) AND they have a bow- too freaking cute.  Love them!

Image - asos

Image - asos

Kali's Picks

1. Nespresso Baileys Latte. 

You might think combining coffee and alcohol is a bad idea, obviously you haven't tried this. If you're #notthatfancy classic coffee and baileys is always a delicious option. 
What you need:
Espresso - I use a Nespresso                                           1. Froth half milk, half baileys  
Milk                                                                                   2. Add Espresso
Milk Frother - Conveniently attached to Nespresso           3. Get Crunk
Bailey's Irish Cream


2. Hot Tools 1 1/4" Rainbow Gold Curling Iron 

Hold the dream phone, the 90's are back. This holographic trend has been seen everywhere from Katy Perry to Burberry Prorsum. I was obviously onto something with my holographic light up shoes in '94. Since I had a mushroom cut most of the 90's, I didn't have a chance to get a curling iron like this! PLUS I've spent the last few years growing out a pixie cut (yes, it was as painful as it sounds). I'm ready to get back into the hair did game. Recently purchasing a waver from hot tools, I've been super happy with it, but doesn't give those romantic curls I love. Thus, this bad boy is on my to purchase list. Don't worry friends, not before Christmas.

3. Local Heroes BADASS sweatpants

I feel like I don't really need to state the obvious here, but I will. These are friggen amazing. $64USD. Anyone cool would love these for Christmas. 


Sarah's Picks

1. Flor

I love checking out the Flor website to see what's new in their world. Flor makes modular carpet tiles in every pattern and colour imaginable, from basic neutrals to plaids, stripes, and more. The best part about these carpets is that you get to play designer- combine as many different colours and patterns as you want to create your own custom masterpiece! 


2. Aritzia Cocoon Wool Coat

I know I've been all about the coats lately, but who doesn't want to look fashionable over the cold winter months? Cold = misery. Clothing = happiness. Enough said, yes? The last coat I posted about was feminine, fancy, and great for an evening out. This gem is a little more casual and perfect for day wear. I love the black leather sleeves, heather grey wool body, and zipper detailing at the front. And the collar? It's not popped, it's just cool like that. 


3. Houzz Tour

I have to admit, I've been holding out on you guys. Sorry! I spotted this house tour a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to share it all with you. I realized this week that the perfect time is NOW because things this beautiful aren't meant to be kept a secret. Remember Wednesday when I introduced you to Houzz? That was another secret that needed to be unleashed. Start with this gorgeous home built into the California hillside, and I peruse until your inner designer is satisfied.