GTL : Olivia Palermo

Welcome to this week's GTL! You read that right. Gym, tan.... just kidding.  

Here at 204 Park, we have our own version of GTL, and ours is much more fun: Get The Look. Every Wednesday, the ladies and I will be breaking down a 'look', whether it be fashion, decor, or something else worthy of picking apart piece by lovely little piece. I start off the fashion fun with a fashion look created by the maven herself, Olivia Palermo. 

How great is this outfit? Now that fall is here, we can all use a refresher in layering and keeping warm without looking like the michelin man. Olivia does this perfectly with some cool weather essentials: fur, leather, tweed... and a little leopard print (that one's for you, Diana). Have a look at the breakdown to create your own look:

Happy Shopping!