Color Crave: All About Red

When the weather starts to cool and fall sets in, it's my favorite time for fashion.  I love cozy, chunky knits (and pretty much live in them october - february), fabulous boots, silky scarves and funky leather jackets. 

My "fall colors" tend to be neutrals.  Creams and their slight variations make up probably 90% of my fall/winter attire, with the odd bit of navy, green and grey thrown in the mix - and that has always been just fine by me!  It's not that I avoid bold colors (hey,  luscious jewel tones are what it's all about in the cooler months) but it's just that those ecru tones seem to work well for me. They always appeal to the part of me that loves a "picture perfect" white winter, wrapped up in big knits, reading by the fire and sipping cups of cocoa. (Oh, if it were only so!)

However, I'm noticing that this season I'm majorly gravitating towards reds. I'm not sure if this is because it's the color of my favorite wine (Malbec anyone?!), but over the past weeks, anytime I've been shopping or perusing pretty things online I'm always drawn to the reds.  I don't avoid red as a rule- and in fact, any time I do wear red I always get compliments, so I'm not sure why I don't have more of it. So as inspiration for acquiring some more rouge in my life, here's some of my wish list items (hint, hint Santa!) that I'm loving right now!

red favorites