Park Picks 11.08.13

Diana's Picks

1) Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar:

Okay, so I know it's only early November so it might be a little soon to bring up an advent calendar but let's be honest, as soon as the snow hit the ground you were already thinking Christmas, weren't you? So when I found this while perusing Sephora (a frequent guilty pleasure), I knew I needed to share! A more "grown up" version of a holiday favorite, and with no calories at that, this calendar is perfect for anyone wanting to add a little sparkle and shine to their life leading up to the holidays.  Filled with 24 mini samples of their best products (helloooo high beam!) and a few accessories too, I'd give up my mini chocolates in place of this in a heartbeat!

2) Barre

I first heard of Barre a few years back, reading about the "hot Hollywood fitness craze" keeping the A-listers lean, toned and red carpet ready.  With a review like that I obviously couldn't wait to try it when I heard that a studio was opening in Edmonton.  What I was not expecting was to leave the first class with jelly arms after using only 3lb weights! Looking to tone up pre-holidays, the Barre Studio 30 Day Challenge could not have come at a better time! Kali and I are taking on the challenge (I know, we must be crazy!), and only one week in, I'm already seeing and feeling results! Check out Barre for yourself here.

Image via Barre website

Image via Barre website

3) Restoration Hardware Quote Plates

My love affair with Restoration Hardware carries on with these sassy Dorothy Parker Quote plates.  It is my personal belief that your home and decor shouldn't be boring and as such, I love pieces that have personality. Case in point: with quotes like "I don't care what is written about me as long as it isn't true" and "Don't look at me in that tone of voice", I'm all over bringing these to a party with a great appetizer or as a hostess gift.  Because while Dorothy Parker's party philosophy may be "If you wear a short enough skirt, the party will come to you.", I think a party isn't complete without a bit of humor, so why not bring it with your tableware too!

Image via Restoration Hardware website

Image via Restoration Hardware website

Kali's Picks 

1) AllSaints Spitalfields City Monument Coat:
A couple of years ago on a trip to New York, my boyfriend and I stumbled into the Soho AllSaints shop. Founded in the UK, AllSaints brought their effortlessly cool look across the pond. Currently it is available in multiple cities across the US and one store in Toronto, with shipping available to us here in Western Canada. This past trip to NY we hit up AllSaints and I found this gem! Plays well with leather leggings, jeans, and dress up. 


2) Glow Juicery
Glow is conveniently located right inside the Barre Body Studio. The juice bar is a hive of activity; a constant hum of the juicer whirring and a fresh aroma fill the studio and entice you to try out one of these nutrient packed treats! I had been considering a cleanse, and one fell in my lap after a friend doing a three day cleanse threw in the towel after two, thus; Kali is now doing a juice cleanse. A juice cleanse on Halloween. I'm not going to lie, resisting all of those treats took some resolve. In my bouts of self pity, the cute packaging and vivid colors did cheer me up, and definitely appealed to the designer in me. Overall the one day cleanse was manageable, there was a point in the morning when I truly felt stuffed! That feeling was fleeting by the afternoon when those hunger pains started to set in but, I made it! My favourite juices were the "citrus glow" and "earthy glow" - I would definitely grab one of these after a barre class for a boost. So whether you are just getting into juicing, or already a Jack Lalanne type, I would recommend getting your Glow on.


3) Soda Stream
Since we are already on the topic of beverages, we need to talk about Soda Stream! First invented in the early 1900's, only the elite were lucky enough to have their water sparkling. FYI: Buckingham Palace had one! They became more of a household item in the UK during the 1970's and 1980's, adopting the slogan "Get busy with the fizzy", Amazing, I know. All jokes aside I'm crazy about my Soda Stream. No more lugging those heavy and wasteful glass bottles. You just fill the container with high quality H20 and BOOM carbonated. You can enjoy au naturale, with fruit (my favourite is lemon/ lime, cucumber and mint, or pineapple), or with any of the huge selection of the Soda Stream syrups. Although I mostly use it selfishly, the Soda Stream is killer when it comes to entertaining. Gin and Soda?  Vodka Tonic? In a SNAP. Not only is the Soda Stream extremely cost effective, it's also eco friendly and convenient. 

Sarah's Picks

1. Kate Spade Planners

When the three of us started planning this blog, it became evident very early on that we needed to be as organized as possible. Enter: the most stylishly cute daytimer ever. Perfect for a blogger. Kate Spade is known for fun designs and great style, and the rest of her office accessories and stationary collections are to die for! Kali and I went for this quirky glasses design, while the ever feminine Diana chose the roses. Love these!

KS Roses.jpg

2. Frends 'Taylor' Headphones

I love music. No really, I love it. Like.... loooove love it. Wherever I am, I've always got something playing. If I didn't, what would I sing to? (I call it singing. You can call it whatever you want). Frends has always designed the coolest headphones, and these ones are the latest and greatest. Not only are they made of quality materials like leather and memory foam ear cushions, they look downright amazing. These stylish little numbers allow you to listen to your favorite tunes and look like a rockstar while you're doing it. Win-win!

3. MAC Lipstick

So essential to my life. I've always loved MAC lip colours, but lately my obsession has been growing stronger. As the seasons turn, I've been looking for a darker colour to wear on occasion. I finally found it with 'Rebel' (because I'm soooo rebellious, obviously). I've never truly felt like myself with red lipstick, but as soon as I swiped this purple shade on, it felt instantly perfect. Purple tones are having a moment right now, and this is why. I also can't resist giving a shout out to my old standbys: Snob and Creme Cup. Where would I be without them? From Left to right below are Rebel, Snob, and Creme Cup.

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