All About Minted

It's no secret that at 204, we have a serious love of paper goods.  Thick stationary, beautiful invitations, announcements and snazzy business cards are a strange obsession we'll probably always have.  The minted site is one we've stumbled upon before in search of pretty paper products but when us ladies at 204 started snooping around online for business cards and this site came up - it re-ignited the minted love.   


What's great about minted is that they collaborate with independent designers from around the globe who all share the same vision for creating fabulous paper goods in the best quality. And when we say paper goods, we don't just mean invitations and business cards.  From art (and a collab with one of our faves, West Elm - helloooo!) to party supplies and photo backdrops, ribbons, pretty tapes and more - minted has got you covered.  Seriously, we're in love; and with items like these, how could you not be? So today, we're each breaking down our minted favourites!

Diana's Faves

For a girly girl like myself, I've picked a few floral finds from the wonders of minted.  Words cannot describe how much I LOVE this peony print.  This fab rainforest monogram personalized stationary makes you feel like a boss in the prettiest way possible, and how sweet is this party invitation? 

Sarah's Faves

I don't even know where to begin... I love happy phrases and pastel colours, so this art print is a given. I could put this in every room of my house and never get tired of it! WIth the holiday season just behind us, I'm already early anticipating the next round of get togethers with family and friends. Nothing can make you more excited to host (or be hosted!) than beautiful invitations, stylish menu cards (love the crest and antlers!), and the other array of gorgeous party decor items offered by Minted.

Kali's Faves

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ____ pushing a baby carriage! As cute as this rhyme was when we were little, there is so much more to us these days. Like first comes education, then comes career, then comes really awesome party invitations. Ok, that doesn't rhyme at all but no matter what point in your path you are at, has something for you. The aesthetic stretches the spectrum from cutesie to clean, and there truly is something for everyone. Choosing only three was nearly impossible, so check out for more inspiration!


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