Park Picks 01.10.14

 Diana's Picks

1. Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls

I love to read but unfortunately, don't always have (or make) the time to do so.  So when I got this book I was so excited to try to get in some reading over the holidays. While i'm not done yet, I'm over half way through and this book is hilarious.  Funny and honest (like her blog) and filled with fashion references and embarrassing anecdotes, this book is a great read for any fashion girl with a good sense of humor. 

Sarah's Picks

1. Fresh Citron de Vigne

The moment that I discovered this scent (while staying in a cool hotel in San Francisco) I knew I'd be hooked and I was right. I've been using it since and I can't get enough of the citrusy soft scent. 


Kali's Picks


1. 2000's fashion according to the 1930's

I hope this is real. They weren't too far off on some of their 1930's predictions of what we would wear in the 2000's. Sheer panelling? Check. Dude with his celly on him 24/7, double check!

2. CB2 Spike BrassWire Object

When it comes to decorating I am all about a good vignette.  And what makes a good grouping of fab pieces placed beautifully? Well, the pieces themselves! This bad boy - ah-mazing! I would love to see this grouped with a small plant and another small objet on a coffee table or book shelf standing tall and fabulous! Contemporary, bold and seeing as brass is having a major moment right now, my love for this piece is on so many levels.  


 2. IKEA Ribba Picture Frames 

If you've been following our Instagram, you know that I've been working on a gallery wall in the Moroccan showhome. Ribba frames were integral to the project and  use them all the time- they're clean lined, modern, and simple enough to let your beautiful artwork shine. 




2. IKEA's Lappljung Rug

This rug caught my eye for a current project. It's 2m x 2m size is huge! While the price is tiny at $90. The black and white adds some drama to the floor and I adore the whimsy of the blue and green on the border.