Luxe for Less - Gold Bar Pave

Inspired by my knockoff schumacher fabric tablecloth seen below ($15 on the right vs $90/yard on the left!) we started talking about all of the options for decor, culinary tools, sartorial choices and other goods that fall in such a wide variety of price ranges. It can be difficult to determine which items are worth the splurge and where it's better to save.

I am all for investing in pieces that are well made and built to last. In fact, the oh so wise Style Guy Jared wrote a great post on "price per wear" that I'll often think of when I'm making a purchase. There's definitely something to be said about quality crafstmanship. Plus, sometimes it's just nice to spoil yourself!  However that being said, most people I know (myself included) don't live on an unlimited budget and often, a passing trend isn't worth the investment.  So, with that in mind, here's our first Luxe For Less post.  Who knows, maybe you'll see something you love available for less than you thought!

For our first installment of Luxe For Less, we're talking gold bar pave necklaces.  Everyone knows that diamonds might be a girl's best friend but not everyone has a champagne budget to match their champagne taste.  Here's my choices for this trendy bling-y necklace!

HIGH: Zoe Chicco 14K Curved Bar Pave Necklace // MID: Gorjana and Griffin Taner Pave Bar // LOW: Baublebar Heiro Pendant

PS - If there's a piece you've been coveting but the budget breaks the bank, leave a comment with the link below or shoot us an email at - who knows, maybe we'll find your luxe for less and feature it on the blog!