DIY: Glass Candle Rehab

If you're like me you love to indulge in some yummy smelling, 3 wicked, glass jar goodness. Which begs the question, what is one to do with all of the jars left over? Well! Today i'm breaking down a couple of versions. One is to simply chalkboard paint the lid: perfect for pantry or labelled storage. The other i've frosted which I would love to use as a coordinated little candy jar on a coffee table tray or one that makes a great vessel for custom scented epson salt mixes (keep an eye out for this one later in the week). 

What you'll need 

  • Used to the bottom bath and body works candles
  • Chalkboard Spray Paint
  • Spray Paint in your favourite colour, I chose a pastel blue
  • Frosted Glass Spray

What to do: 

  • Once candles are done and wax has cooled, put in the freezer for at least an hour. 
  • The frozen wax will be easy to remove, if it's giving you any difficulty, break up the wax with a butter knife and free that baby from it's glass restraints. 
  • The wicks will be glued to the bottom, I soaked these with the exterior label in warm soapy water and gave the entire thing a thorough clean (shown above). 
  • Once dried, I sprayed one glass jar with frosting, always do this in a well ventilated area and follow the instructions on this extremely flammable can. Don't leave it next to the candle as you desperately try to deplete the wax. Seriously, it will blow up in your face. 
  • With the next two lids I did one with the chalkboard paint, and the other in the petal blue. The same safety rules apply. 

I've seen so many fun uses for these online, I can't wait to chalkboard a full set for all of my baking supplies I tend to buy in bulk. Almond Flour? Cream of Tartar? I knew those mini B&BW candles served a purpose! Thanks for reading lovelies, happy DIY'n!