Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bake

Always in search of a morning meal better than my go-to oatmeal, I came across a quinoa breakfast bake a few weeks back that has pretty much rocked my world in the breakfast department.  I've never thought of quinoa as a breakfast food but paired with a bit of cinnamon, apples, raisins and maple syrup, it's become my go to breakfast of champions.  The fact that it's not only healthy but super easy to make in advance for the week ahead, are just bonuses in my books.  

Here's what you'll need:

- 1 cup uncooked quinoa

-2 apples (peeled and chopped)

- 1/4 cup raisins or craisins (or both!)

- 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon & 1/2 tsp nutmeg

- 2 cups vanilla soy milk or regular milk (add splash of vanilla)

- 2 eggs

- 1/4 cup maple syrup

- 1/3 cup almonds

Start by mixing the quinoa with the cinnamon and nutmeg.  Place the quinoa in a baking dish (spray with pam first) then place the apples and raisins on top of the quinoa.  Mix the egg, maple syrup and soy milk together then pour over the quinoa and fruit.  Stir gently just to make sure the fruit is somewhat submerged and sprinkle the sliced almonds on top.  Then bake in the oven at 350 for about an hour, until the bake is firm and the edges start to slightly brown.

Once the bake is done, it's best to let cool then refrigerate and have ready for the next day.  My favourite way to eat it has been to heat it up for about 30-45 secs in the microwave then top with a dollop of vanilla greek yoghurt then sprinkle with cinnamon.  This way the bake isn't too dry, and the yoghurt adds some more protein and flavour to keep you full longer which is IMO, always important for a breakfast food! 

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