Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty

It's that time again! We're starting our holiday gift guides nice and early this year to help you to get a handle on your prezzie-giving. It can be so much fun when you've had time to plan and purchase the right things, and so NOT fun when you're rushing and 'just trying to find something' - am I right? #beenthere #donethat.

I've compiled a list of beauty products that are sure to please the au natural beauties in your life as well as the glamour lovers, with price ranges from high to low. Skincare, cosmetics, tools - you name it! These are the best of the best and if you order now, you won't miss out this year! Get on it, loves! 


1. Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette, 2. T3 Hairdryer (just bought this - LOVE it!), 3. Estee Lauder Lipstick Collection, 4. Nars Cheek Palette, 5. Pangea Organics Facial Scrub, 6. Murad Ultimate Moisture Creme, 7. E.L.F. Makeup Brush Holder (Have. Love), 8. Fresh Mask Bar, 9. Chloe Perfume, 10. E.L.F. Glitter Gloss, 11. Murad Moisturizing Toner (SO good), 12. E.L.F Glitter Nail Polish

I probably use at least 90% of the items on this list, and the others are things that I've been coveting. That NARS palette looks too good, right?!?! So lovelies, if you're stuck at work or home today and are needing to get on the gift purchases this year, click away at the links above and you'll be done in no time! Happy shopping!