Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess

Holiday party season is upon us and that means, in addition to figuring just what to wear to your holiday soirées, it's also time to pick up a few goodies for your holiday party hosts and hostesses. While it's wonderful to show up to a get together with flowers, an appie or a bottle of wine, for those wanting to take it one step further, picking up a little gift to say thank you is always a nice touch that doesn't go unnoticed. 


Let's start with glassware.  A few funky cocktail glasses are a great gift for a host or hostess. Glasses can be used as intended for cocktail hour, but also pull double duty as appetizer holders, vases, terrariums, pen holders, and storage for all other kinds of goodies.  So if you see something funky or fun that you know someone would like, don't be afraid to pick up a set and bring it as a great way to say thanks, or as a great holiday gift.  Below are a few of my faves, none of which break the bank either (they're all under $40)!!

Next up on the gift list, candles and little decor items.  While I never want to go too crazy buying decor pieces for other people (don't want to overstep your boundaries unless you really know this person's sense of style for their home), a few small pieces such as candles or other small items can be a fantastic gesture of thanks for a host.  

Another great gift for a host or hostess are paper goods.  As I've mentioned before, I'm a sucker for pretty paper and anything from monogrammed stationary, a cute calendar or a fun notebook are great because they're not always items you might buy for yourself (unless you're paper crazy like me!)

gift guide paper goods.jpg