Holiday Party Style

I'm flipping freezing, my skin is dry, the walks need shovelling: 'Tis the season darlings. Here in Edmonton winter has busted out into full force, almost out of nowhere. The one silver lining: you have likely got at least one holiday party coming up that you will certainly need some new garb for.

No holiday party but want somewhere to go all dressed up? Come say hi to Kali and Diana at the AGA's Refinery Party this coming Saturday. With a shadow play theme the dress code is begging for some sweet gear to be worn. 

Dress in dark hues and bold silhouettes that create dramatic shadows, or wear reflective attire—shimmer, sequins and metallics.

Below we've got my fave 3: not surprisingly all takes on the LBD, followed by the oh so chic white ensemble and the classically Christmas glitter gear. 


What are you wearing to your Holiday Party this year?