Park Picks 12.19.14

Kali's Picks 

1. The Best of Algenist

I have a huge confession: my skin has turned completely whack this past year. A long time Mario Badescu lover, I found my former magical potions had lost their lustre. Enter: Algenist. Along with switching to mineral based makeup, my skin has cleared up and become shockingly radiant. Italicized because this used to be a made up term on skin care ads. This best of kit is well worth it if you are facing the same skin care blues.

2. Weekend got me feelin' like

Pretty much sums it up. 

Diana's Picks

1. Julep Gold Nail Tape

You guys already know I love Julep from this festive mani post, but when I received my last Julep Maven box I was so excited to try these little gold nail strips. They were surprisingly easy to apply and trim, and with a coat of clear polish over top, they lasted longer than I thought!  Just re-apply a top coat every day or so to keep them in place

2. Gangster Wrapper T (Image via WOM)

I am having a serious "why didn't I see these sooner" moment. I am OB-SESSED with this shirt from Etsy. It's gold (amazing), hilarious (always a winner) and references my love for all things gangsta rap (are you surprised? Don't be, all of us ladies are bona-fide gangsa lovin' ladies)! Order it on Etsy and prepare to make everyone you know jealous! 

Sarah's Picks

1. ROYAL Tee

I'm pretty much dying for Alice to be big enough to wear this tee. Why do all of the fab baby clothes have start at 3-6 months? You better believe that I'm starting to stock up on cute things for her to wear in the next 6 weeks or so - and this little shirt is going to be added to the collection soon! She is my little Royal, after all. 

2. Stick And Stone Shop

Speaking of fabulous baby clothing, you NEED to check out this shop (and their Instagram). Just launched by one of my besties, Stick and Stone sells modern and funky baby leggings, 'bib-dannas', headbands, and hair ties. Alice is rocking her headband in this picture and as you can see, her jaw is dropping at the fabulousness. Ha ha! I've already put my order in for her leggings and I'll share the pics when she's rocking them in style!