Clearly Contacts & 204 Park - Part Deux


Top (similar) / Pants / Glasses / Necklace / Bracelets 1 - 2 & 3 / Midi Ring / Vest (similar) 

If you had told me even a few years ago that I would be wearing glasses as accessories and loving them, I would have thought you were crazy. I've been obsessed with my contacts since I was 15 and didn't see that changing any time soon.

But as you all know, glasses have made a huge comeback as a style statement and I'm a total convert. It's pretty hard not to be when you get to be a Style Ambassador for Clearly Contacts and choose some pretty fab frames! I'm loving my Derek Cardigan 7004 Green Tortoiseshell's - the biggest, boldest pair that I could find. I wanted that statement look and these do it perfectly! Do I look smarter to you?!? Ha ha. 

Also, don't miss Kali's post with the Clearly Contacts glasses that she picked- she's rocking them like a pro!