Month In Review: February 2014

Happy Monday, loves! Can you believe it’s March already? We’ve been busy ladies this past month with everything from blogging to vaycays to get-togethers. Nothing to complain about there! The month started off with a collaboration with the amazing Swish Flowers. We were so so so excited about this one! We’re huge fans of the ladies at Swish and what they do, and had a blast with Jill when she gave us the down low on Valentine’s day floral arrangements and flower care. Not only that, but we had an amazing giveaway with Swish and Bahar Hussaini won flowers on her birthday for the rest of her life! Bahar, we will forever be jealous of your lucky little self. Congrats!

February is the month of la-la-looove, so we created a few gift guides that, let’s face it, were made up of all the things that we ladies love. Lucky for us, our guys are listening (thanks chicos)! Diana and Sarah were both spoiled with items that they posted about for the big day- big points guys, big points. 

February was also a month of getaways for the 204 Park ladies. Diana kicked it off with a ski weekend in Banff with her man James and some coworkers. They had an amazing time on the mountain and of course, après-ski as well. Just look at this cute ski bunny!

Next, Sarah and her hubby Matt spent the Valentine’s day long weekend in Vancouver (one of her fave places) for a break from the snow, a little shopping, and most importantly, to visit the little sis and some other fam. Honourable mention goes to Miley Cyrus staying in the same hotel (the beautiful Shangri-La) and walking right past Sarah in the lobby. Celeb sighting! Oh, and did we mention The Cross Design yet? Just a few times? The fab 'Valdalism' plate that you see below was a Cross purchase. And look at Matt checking out the decorative skull heads!

Now Kali, lucky miss Kali. This miss jetted off to Vegas with her man Tyler and his family for a fun filled weekend and a wedding. Not only did she shop till she dropped and sipped a martini or two, but she also attended the Absinthe show and the Britney Spears show! Eeek! The 16 year old in us is jealous. Scratch that – our adult selves are jealous!

This probably won’t surprise you, but we ladies here at 204 Park can’t go too long without getting together over a glass of wine. Depending on what’s going on, it happens more often than you’d like to believe! This month was no different, and we used Kali’s new gig (on the side of her day job of Kitchen designer extraordinaire, of course) as a Stella and Dot stylist to round up some fabulous ladies and get our shop on. We had a blast and will be sharing all of our goodies with you as soon as they arrive!

Not only that buuut… you might just want to stay tuned for a possible opportunity to get your hands on some Stella and Dot goodness yourself. Tomorrow, maybe? Don’t tell anyone we told you.  

With the freezing weather torturing us this one last time, it’s going to make March that much sweeter when the temperature starts to go up and we can’t wait! We have lots of excitement this month (seriously…) and can’t wait to share it all with you. Happy March, lovelies!