Park Picks 02.28.14

Diana's picks

1. Fashion By Mayhem

Ohmalawd you guys! This girl is too cute. Huffington Post wrote this article about a little girl known as "Mayhem" who makes the sweetest dresses out of paper.  At only four years old I am blown away! Just check out these photos here and tell me she doesn't have a future in fashion.  Too. Freaking. Cute.  You're welcome. At the time of this post, miss Mayhem's website was down. Too much traffic? That's our guess! 

2. Asian Turkey Meatballs
 I don't know about you but I find it's easy to get stuck in a dinner rut where you make the same few dishes over and over.... Bo-ring! This recipe jumped out at me and let me tell you they were as easy to make as they were delicious. Give them a try and feel free to share any of your fave healthy recipes too!


Kali's Picks

Okay gang, these pics are a little unconventional and potentially due to that feeling of being wildly amused when you're exhausted. Humor me and see if either evokes the same for you. The first is Japanese actress Rina Takeda, a black belt in Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate breaking all the rules for a credit card commercial.  The second showcases Miranda Kerr's pipes and amazing talent for standing holding a tray.  


Sarah's Picks

Sutton Necklace, Yellow Nails.jpg

1. Spring-y Nail Hues

I'm typically a neutrals girl when it comes to nails, although I love an occasional red or deep navy. As soon as winter starts to wind down though, I'm instantly drawn to pastel colours in every easter egg-ish hue possible as I try to channel the sun to do it's thing. I just picked this cheery colour this week and I'm loving it! 


2. Stella and Dot Sutton Necklace

As you may have seen from our Instagram, I hosted a Stella and Dot party for Kali this week and we all had a blast! Kali brought tons of fab pieces for us ladies to drool over and I fell in love with the Sutton necklace. The while and gold look so fresh together, and this bad boy has about 5 different options for wearing it. I can't wait for it to show up to share with you guys!