Park Picks: 02.14.14

Diana's Picks

1. Pretty Pegs

Google 'Ikea Hack' and over 7 million responses come up.  When you have a store as iconic as Ikea, it doesn't take long for a few creative types to decide that they want to mix things up a bit.  My new favorite company for sprucing up your swedish imports is Pretty Pegs.  As of right now, they offer 10 different legs in enough color/finish options to give you 60 options to choose from - not too shabby.  Happy Hacking!

2. 10 Romantic Hair Ideas Via Glitter Guide 

The Glitter Guide is one of my daily online destinations because they always have beautiful photos, great entertaining ideas and beauty and fashion tips.  Finding myself in the middle of a bit of a hair rut (more to come on that later), this article was exactly what i needed.  A few photos of some inspiring do's (and, just in time for Valentine's Day might i add) was all I needed to get some simple ideas for how to mix things up a bit!


Sarah's Picks

1. Ellen in Bruno Mars' Ear

I watch Ellen during my morning workouts because she makes me laugh out loud, and let's face it- that's an impressive feat early in the morning on an arc trainer! One of her classic jokes involves a celebrity (in this case, Bruno Mars), a hidden camera and an unsuspecting stranger, and that's all I'm giving away. Take a few minutes to watch this video and I promise you'll start your Friday off right! (Image)

2. Capri Blue Scents

My hubby and I honeymooned in Maui and the scent diffusers in our hotel smelled crazy good. I never thought I'd find anything as amazing back home, until I discovered these little beauties at my fave local shop, Jilly's! The volcano scent is exactly like what I smelled in Maui and I've since come to add another to my list of loves: Paris (of course). Jilly's carries the candles and reed diffusers for these scents and others as well


Kali's Picks


1. Johnny Weir Rocking it at the Olympics 

Ice Skating superstar Johnny Weir is in Sochi this year, not on the ice, but in the commentators booth. Seriously, how cute is he here in a Chanel blazer and leather pants? Want to see him in milkmaid braids and other shenanigans? Check out more of his get-ups here


2. Lemon Peppermint Ice Cubes

Now this, is smart. Did you know peppermint increases the flow of bile to digest fats better? We're talking real peppermint, chewing a stick of excel after a donut doesn't count, sorry! Freeze into cubes with lemon juice and pop 3 into a glass of water with every meal to help reduce bloating.  


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