DIY: Tassel Garland

Do you swoon when you see perfect Pinterest pictures showing too cute nurseries, or a candy station or dining table set all perfectly with these fab tassels in the shot? Well, so do we. We love tassel garland for it's easy DIY factor, fab punch of color and texture and versatility in use.  For the hosts/hostesses, these garlands look amaze hung from a table set as a buffet, from the ceiling as a feature statement, or along the wall as added party decor.  For the decorators, since these can be done in any tissue paper, so you can customize a color combo that works in your space, and these look fab in a nursery, dining room or office. So- with Easter coming up (perfect hosting opportunity), we thought we'd give you an easy DIY if you want to amp up your décor - or as a just because if you're looking to spruce up your space!

Remember these pics? I made these (above) for Sarah's "Modern Moroccan" showhome (pics still to come) and they look fabulous - if I do say so myself - in this funky office! Below, we also made this garland for Coup Garment Boutique's holiday soiree last year and they are equally as fabulous when done in muted reds, golds and white!

So now that I've got you all excited and ready to have your own tassel garland making extravaganza - let's break down how to Get This Look! Here's what you'll need:

SUPPLIES: Tissue paper (in your colors)// Scissors // String (to hang)// Thin Metal Wire

garland supplies.jpg

To start you'll want to fold your tissue paper in half length wise then width wise, and then width wise one more time- make sense? Basically, all of the "open ends" of the tissue paper should be on one end, and the folded ends on another. You can then begin to cut 1cm (approx) strips from the open end of the folded tissue.  Once you've cut the strips and left approx 1" space from the top, you'll have a piece of tissue that looks like this (below center).  

You'll then begin to roll the tissue at the top from one end until the top piece becomes tight and you have a tassel form (above right). Now this is where the wire comes in.  I chose gold because, well duh- it's gold(!), but you can choose any color you want.  I found my wire at Michael's in the jewellery making section. You will then take the wire and wrap it a few times around the top to secure, then create a loop for you to use when hanging the garland. How easy is that? Just repeat as many times as you need with your selected colors until you're ready to string them up! Tip for hanging: I find it easier to fold the wire loop over the string to hang rather than stringing them along using the loops.

Now, how would you use these for say an easter family gathering? Well, take some inspiration from some of the pics below! What do you think of this DIY, would you use tassel garland in your home?

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