GTL: Luxe Patterned Pillows

Soooo I'm getting into DIY a bit more these days… I blame it on this blog, Diana, and Pinterest! Honestly though, it’s so much fun. I was feeling like I wanted to start a new project and when I came across this fabric, I had my lightbulb moment and knew exactly what I wanted to do!

Schumacher is known for their fabulous designs, but rather than order a few yards of fabric to have a pillow made, why not take inspiration from the pattern that I like and do it myself? So today I’m showing you how to get the look – of basically whatever type of patterned pillow you want. Let's get started, peeps! 

First, I printed the pattern off on to a piece of paper to get an idea of scale and lay out. Next, I picked up my materials: Gold paint (204 Park = gold obsessed), fabric medium (allows regular paint to be used on fabric – it basically thins it, as far as I could tell), an inexpensive white pillowcase from Ikea, and of course, the down pillow insert (their Gosa Tulpan pillows are on clearance right now and are some of the nicest inserts I’ve ever seen at Ikea! If you need any, scoop 'em up now!)

The blah but necessary part of this DIY was the pillowcase prep: I washed the case in warm water and hung it to dry to prevent future shrinkage. After a quick ironing it was ready to go!

At first I was nervous to replicate the pattern. What makes this one easy is that the teardrop shapes are irregular, which allows for some freedom in transferring it from the paper to the pillow - phew. I used my trusty Ikea pencil (you have no idea how many of these I have kicking around my house), slipped the paper inside the pillowcase, and started tracing! I planned to keep moving the paper and trace the entire pattern, but I found it really easy to replicate so I just free handed it for the rest of the case. Easy! 

Finally, I was ready to paint. The fabric medium was super easy to work with - just mix 2 parts medium with 1 part fabric, and go nuts. A word to the wise: the pattern I picked was pretty intricate and a bit tedious to paint. The next time I do this, I'm going large scale! It definitely took longer than I expected so thankfully this dude kept me company.

Overall I'm happy with the finished product. I do wish that I wish that the paint had turned out more blingin' gold and less yellow though. At least colour I ended up with is cheery! Here's the final product - let me know what you think! 

Enjoy your day day, Dah-lings!