Luxe For Less: Modern Accent Table

You guys all know that here at 204 Park we're ginorm suckers for all things funky and decor related. Not only that, but we love a fab deal for something that we might not otherwise purchase - love it or not - due to the price. I've always loved the Gus Modern pawn stool (along with everything else Gus - swooon), but haven't been willing to spring $400 on it because I don't really neeeed it. I think you all know what that's like. Le sigh. So you can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled upon Target's little version for next to nothing! Check out the options below for fab options in all price ranges and let me know if you do a little shop - a - thon. I won't judge! 

Luxe // Mid // Less

Note: The Gus Modern table is available in 5 different colours - if you want variety with the Target version, it would be super easy to paint!