Luxe For Less: Wall Covering Fabulousness

If you follow along with our Instagram, you know that I’ve been working on a fun project this week- I’m decorating a house that I can’t wait to show you guys! It’s not quite finished yet but I couldn’t resist giving you guys a few sneak peeks along the way and if one thing is clear, you LOVE wallpaper! And sooo do I. So you’ve inspired me to source out some awesome wall covering ideas that are more affordable than wallpaper, which while totally fabulous, can be pricey.

Enter Urban Walls. I’ve been following Danielle’s creative venture for a while now and have been dying for an excuse to use some of these fab decals to bring some SHABAM to my own walls. They have such awesome impact and are totally DIY-able (peace out, installation cost!). Remember this (very gorgeous but pricey) wallpaper? Consider it today's "Luxe".

Hygge & West Charcoal and Gold Triangles Wallpaper - $125/roll. 

It's definitely gorgeous, but why not do your own thang with Urban Walls Triangles? Pick from the range of colours available and even mix and match to create the look you want. You can totally recreate the gold and black thing going on here, but I also LOVE this pink and gold combo. And I mean love!

Image 1 / - $33/50 Triangle decals

If triangles aren’t your jam, no worries. I also love love these designs:

Image 1 / 2

The nice thing about Urban Walls is that you get to create your own look. You can use as many or as few decals as you want, which not only keeps it design-flexible, but makes it budget-flexible as well! Let's just say that I miiight be thinking of a little decal something something for my nursery plan - what do you guys think?!?