Park Picks 06.20.14

Diana's Picks

1. How to Write Rap in 30 Seconds

By now this video has been floating all over facebook  but in hopes that a few of you haven't seen it yet I knew I needed to share. When I saw this video on tuesday, I died! As a girl who loves her some hip hop, this video is pretty much everything I could want and more in a you tube video.  Cute kid? Check. Funny? Check.  Sick beat? Check. What else do you need?!

2. The Women

As soon as I heard about this project, I knew that us girls needed to be a part of it. Here's some more info but long story short- a $50 donation (which goes to these causes: here & here) buys you a sitting time with a photog & a copy of your portrait. That photo is then going to be used at the AGA at an event on International Women's Day. How awesome is that? Wanna do it yourself? Sign up here!


Sarah's Picks 

1. Tom Dixon Beat Light

For anyone who knows me, it's no secret that I LOVE this lighting. I'd put it in every room of my house if I could - it's also available in white! And in different sizes. So it's pretty much perfect anywhere. I love the grouping of all three shapes, or even just picking one and lining them along a kitchen island. Or maybe hanging them on either side of your bed to replace table lamps? The options are endless!

2. Essie Bikini So Teeny

With summer finally here, all I want to think about are flip flops, sunglasses, and long hot days. This cute blue colour not only has a totally summery name but is the perfect shade to compliment a tan. Essie polish is one of my go-to's because of their fab colour range, and how easy they are to apply. Not to mention that they're sold pretty much anywhere so I'm constantly impulse purchasing them. This one's next! 

Kali's Picks

1. Katy Perry's.... er, new look. 

This is less of a Park Pick, and more of a Park "Open for Discussion". Don't get me wrong, Katy is a gorgeous girl, but this... I just don't understand. Remember how weird that celebrities without eyebrows picture was? (Refresh your memory here). This definitely reminds me of that. I want to know your thoughts, would you try this? Weigh in below. 

2. Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask

After a few years of growing out a pixie cut with a couple years of ombre, my hair has been looking a little worse for wear lately. Deep conditioning treatments were't cutting it so my colourist recommended doing a mask. 2 treatments of 30 minutes each later and already i've seen improvement. I apply from about the ears down to keep from weighing it down too much.