GTL: Midi Skirt 2 Ways

Happy Wednesday! Now that summer's here I'm so over the jeans and long pants that we usually have to wear 24/7 here in Alberta. Not only that, but being pregnant makes you seriously love maxi dresses and skirts!

I've been eyeing midi skirts lately but I haven't made the dive yet. I wanted to make sure that I had options to wear one for any occasion because there's nothing more annoying than buying a new piece that you can wear once in a season. No thanks. 

So I whipped up a few different ideas to take your midi skirt from day to night, farmer's market to wedding shower. Check em out and style away! 

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jessica Alba can obvi do no wrong, from Rosie's perfect running-around-town outfit to Jessica's ulta-feminine princess look.

Let's start with the chill version first. I love this look because it's comfy, light, and totally practical but still pretty and put together. Win-win!


Sunnies, Skirt, Tank, Earrings, Lipstick, Belt, Purse, Shoes


Now it's time to get fancy. There's something super polished and pretty about this look and I've always loved a bit of black to tone down the sweetness of something really pink. Also, if you haven't tried MAC's Snob lipstick yet (a staple in my makeup bag), get on it! Seriously.