Month In Review: June 2014

Happy Canada Day! Or for our international readers, happy July 1st! June was an absolute whirlwind - like seriously, how the flip does time fly by so quickly?! It seems like just yesterday Sarah finally told the world she was pregnant! ICYMI- check that post here!

We had so much fun taking photos wearing those ah-mazing God Save LA Team Wine & Totes Amazeballs sweaters from Refinery (they're probably one of the softest fabrics I've ever felt!) and were overwhelmed by your messages of congratulations for Sarah and Matt! In addition to the photos you already saw here, in true 204 Park style we had to take a few silly ones too because well, that's just how we roll.

June was spent enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  From trips to the farmers markets, walks in the river valley and Diana's weekend away in Fairmont, we're trying to make the best of the short summers we have! Thankfully Edmonton is festival city & there's always so much going on in the summer.  What are your guys' favorite summer activities?

June also saw the launch of a new series for 204 Park, Women Who Rock!  We had the idea for Women Who Rock as an occasional feature to showcase women who are not just kicking butt in business, but also supporting a charity, giving back to the community, or are otherwise inspiring and our first feature on Kidogo Kidogo was more than we could have asked for.  We fell in love with the idea of this one to one cause and were so happy to get a chance to speak to Kim who spoke to us a bit more about Kidogo Kidogo and running their one for one business.

ICYMI (That's - In Case You Missed It) 

Didn't get a chance to catch our posts from the month? No problem, here's a recap of some of our favorites! In June we shared a tasty and refreshing take on the British drink- the Pimms Cup; Kali broke down her denim faves here and here and Sarah rocked a bold summer maxi.  

Diana also showed off another summer outfit with a favorite top from Jilly's and shared a recipe for coconut chips (trust me, you need to try these!).  Sarah gave us some interior design tips with a fab Get The Look and some wall coverings inspiration. Lastly, Kali rocked two great looks from Refinery (floral fresh & leather love) and broke down summer swimsuit style!

Here's to a great July, until next time dolls!