Park Picks 07.18.14

Sarah's Picks

1. Shop Free Downloads

I have my fair share of cute Shop accessories, but as of yesterday my computer got to get in on the fun too! They're now offering free downloads like desktop wallpapers, funny to-do lists, gift tags, and a few other gems. I obviously didn't hesitate to swoop in and save my faves. Currently my desktop is set to this awesome "Have Fun Ok?" image. Loves it! 

2. Joico K-PAK Reconstructor

I've been using this deep conditioner for a few months now and I swear I've seen a huge change in my hair. It's added strength, smoothness, and shine, and this stuff smells amaze. Once a week I step out of the shower, towel dry my hair, apply K-PAK, and leave on about 20 minutes for ultimate power conditioning. PS- I copied Kali's white nails. Hawaii-appropriate? I think so! 

Diana's Picks

1. Way of Gray Workout 

After fan-girling Sophie Gray for over a year on IG I finally took the plunge and spent the $10 (yes that's right - only $10) on her HIIT plyo e-book. I love her body positive and inspirational outlook on health and fitness (plus, isn't she like the cutest ever?!). While I'm only one week into her workouts, they kick your butt hard in only 30 minutes. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted as I work through her book but I highly suggest you check her out here & here.  

Kali's Picks

2. Glitter Fruit Skewers

At our little 204 girls brunch we were looking to add a bit of sparkle to decided to glam up our fruit skewers a bit. The easiest way to do so? A little glitter polish (we used Essie's "A Cut Above") and some modge podge did the trick beautifully! The modge podge just sealed the polish (so no glitter flakes on our food) and this two minute little DIY added a perfectly pretty bit of glam and sparkle to our table!  Who doesn't love that?! Check a few pics here & here and look out for more coming soon! 

1. This Shirt 

I've always loved Nylon mag for their Sass Master rebel attitude, which includes this awesome muscle tank. We all know Kanye love him some Kanye. 

2. Selena's New Tatty

I love Selenas message to all the ladies and gents of the world. "Love yourself first" in Arabic is now inked across her back, in a placement I really quite like. Hopefully this means she's done with the Biebs. Go Girl!