Park Picks 07.25.14

Sarah's Picks

1. L'oreal Silky Sheer Sunscreen Mousse

Honestly, I hate sunscreeen THIS much. It's usually greasy and sticky and impossible to wash off, but with my fair skin, it's so necessary. I can't even tell you how happy I was to come across this new beauty fave. Because it's a mousse, it's a) fun to apply, and b) totally non-greasy. Not only that, but it made my skin feel great. THIS is why Loreal is one of my all time fave drugstore brands! 

2. Beachy Hawaii Drinks By The Pool

I'm wrapping up my amaaazing week in Maui with my hubby and his fam, and no trip could be complete without some kind of delish cocktail (or mocktail, in my case) on the beach or by the pool. I usually try to stay away from sugary drinks, but rules are made to be broken when you're on vaycay! Enter- this delish concoction of sprite, cucumber, mint, and lemon slush. It looked good enough to be the real deal and kept happy hour fun for this preggers! Mmm. (PS - how cute is my MIL's Stella & Dot bag?!)

Diana's Picks

1. Illume Candle

Being in my home it doesn't take long to realize that I have a thing for candles.  I love scented candles, simple neutral candles, twinkly tea lights, candles in pretty jars.....the list goes on.  Despite the boyfriend's imposed candle ban, my mama bought me the most amazing Illume candle. Not only is the scent incredible (like seriously) but the container works perfectly with our décor.  What more could a girl ask for?! (PS- Kali and Sarah got me the matching scented soap from Jilly's & it is to die for delicious too!)

2. The Opposite of Loneliness

A stop at Chapters (aka my happy place) a few weeks back resulted in a bit of a book binge.  I sometimes like to pick up a book I know nothing about so this "Heather's Pick" that had three employees stop to recommend it to me, made it home with me too.  I'll leave the reading for you but I promise that this collection of short stories and essays titled after an essay gone "viral" will leave you wanting more and saddened at the thought of what other great works there could have been. 

Kali's Picks

1. Nordstrom's Anni Sale

If you're looking for some crazy good deals, mosey on down to the Nordstom's Anniversary Sale. Beauty, Shoes, Jewels, and of course a head start on your fall wardrobe. 

2. Forever 21 Stone Bib Necklace

Would ya get a load of this beauty!? Such a gorgeous pop of colour with loose summery waves and a maxi dress. Oh and it's $8.80.